Long before fanless PCs came into existence, users relied majorly on traditional fan-cooled models as their only hope. Currently, the sales of rugged, fanless computers, like those from Geniatech, are on the rise, and it’s definitely for positive reasons. Ranging from durability and high affordable costs to reducing noise levels, there exist lots of features to admire about rugged, fanless PCs. However, their advantages depend majorly on your personal needs. For those seeking to base on stuff like browsing or internet usage, certain factors will help you know if a rugged, fanless PC is a better option than your current computer. 

Below are some notable features of a rugged, fanless PC that gives it an edge over your current consumer computer.


Rugged, fanless PCs are relatively affordable when compared to most PCs. They are powerful machines that work perfectly fine in almost every sitting. Due to their pared-down and streamlined design, these computers are a great value for money. 


Quiet but more powerful than your average PC. The most notable difference between rugged, fanless PCs and traditionally designed PCs is their noise level. Most traditionally designed computers tend to generate lots of heat due to the power their chips consume. Fans are then used in this condition to cool down the unit, so no internal component gets damaged. 

But to effectively cool down a computer, fans need to spin fast and more frequently. The rotation alone causes noise that is often annoying to hear, especially when you try streaming a video or playing games, and the noise tends to overshadow the sound of the video or game. Rugged, fanless PC chips, on the other hand, consume less power, and their performance is throttled when hot, so there isn’t any need for a fan.


A PC fan is designed to draw in air or blow air out to cool internal components Like the GPU or battery. If your laptop’s fan tends to draw in air, it’ll interest you to know that it’s not the only thing it’s drawing in. Dust and debris can also be easily drawn into your computer and may lead to certain issues. 

On the other hand, the internal components of a fanless computer from Geniatech stay clean and cannot collect any dust or debris.


In addition to its cleanliness,  rugged, fanless PCs from Geniatech tends to be much lesser without needing any repair. For traditional computers, they are components that will require a fix or total replacement, especially if dust and debris are always drawn in. If your PC has a single fan, it might not pose a pressing issue, but when it has multiple fans, there’s a probability of more getting faulty and will require repairs.

In addition, it isn’t just the fan that’s at risk to repair. When the fan is faulty and you fail to fix it immediately, the heat emitted will result in more issues with the internal components.


It seems impossible to determine the best type of computer when different people rely on them for different uses. If you need a sturdy, compact, and lightweight computer, a rugged, fanless computer will surely fit in here with no noise. Trust me when I say they will also be there for you for years.

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