Key Factors That Influence The Choice Of The Right POE Cameras


Power over Ethernet or PoE is not a new concept today. This technology has been around for about 2 decades. To be precise, PoE became the IEEE 802.3af standard to support different devices, including wireless access points (APs). Today, one good area where you can see the importance of “Power over Ethernet” is through PoE cameras. These cameras help to save costs, as you don’t need to install power outlets (AC) to use them. They also deliver high-definition images, which can be utilized for different purposes.

For you to enjoy all the benefits attached to using the right POE IP cameras, you need to consider a few important factors. Read on to discover what these factors are, including how to get the best PoE cameras on Amcrest.

1. Understand what PoE cameras are

Before going ahead to shop for the right PoE cameras on Amcrest, make sure to understand what these IP cameras are, including why you need them. From there, you can go ahead to define how you want to shop for these cameras.

  • For instance, are you looking to buy these surveillance cameras and their accessories separately?
  • Are you only interested in shopping for a PoE camera that’s completely customized to suit your taste?

Regardless of the options, make sure to consider the features of the IP cameras before buying them. Also, consider the number of cameras that you need as well as how to provide quality lighting conditions in the areas being secured.

2. Styling

Another essential factor that you need to consider before shopping for the right PoE IP Camera Security at Amcrest is the “camera’s style”.

What exactly is the style you have in mind? In case you don’t know, PoE cameras are available in different styles. The most common ones are:

  • Dome cameras

This security camera style often comes with a protective dome. This option is ideal if you’re looking for wide-angle surveillance for your indoor spaces. On Amcrest, one of the best dome PoE cameras you can consider purchasing is this UltraHD 4K (8MP) Dome PoE IP Camera Security. With the latest CMOS sensor & chipset, this camera comes with the ability to deliver high performance in the presence of low light.

  • Infrared bullet cameras

Unlike dome cameras, infrared PoE cameras are only ideal for fixed areas in your home. You can install them at your entry points, driveways, walkways, or exit area. A good example is this Amcrest 5MP PoE Bullet Security Camera, which comes with infrared night vision and a few other amazing features.

  • PTZ cameras 

PTZ cameras are effective for monitoring large areas. These cameras will allow you to achieve wider and more flexible surveillance of the areas you’re securing. These PoE cameras are ideal for parking lots, warehouses, and public places. One ideal product you can shop for today is this Amcrest 4K / 8MP Outdoor PTZ POE + IP Camera, which packs different AI features such as smart motion detection for reducing false alerts and deep IVS.

  • Others

Other camera styles that you’ll find in the market today are professional box cameras, turret cameras, wireless cameras, and hidden cameras. 

The bottom line is you need to understand the different Poe camera styles and opt for the one that suits the areas you’re surveilling.

3. Features

Another thing you should concentrate on when shopping for the right PoE camera on Amcrest is the product’s features. Does the security camera come with AI features, such as Night Vision and Motion Detection? These features are highly essential to achieve the best surveillance results.

Other essential features that should come with the right PoE IP camera are:

  • High-resolution and top-notch video & image quality
  • Vandal-proof design
  • Weatherproof
  • digital zooming capability
  • Ability to view at wide-angle
  • Support for QR code scanning
  • Video compression (H.265 standard)

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