Italian Suiting Fabrics: How To Choose The Right Fabric For Your Next Suit


Are you new to the world of bespoke Italian suits? If yes, one of the first factors you need to consider to pick the right product is the Italian suiting fabric. Today, there are different types of fabrics that you can choose for your Italian suits. The type of material that you choose will significantly affect how much you need to pay for bespoke men’s suits.

That said, here’s a quick question; what exactly are the things to consider when choosing the right Italian suiting fabrics at Kamran Bespoke?

Factors to consider when choosing the right Italian suiting fabrics

1. Weather Condition

The two major weather conditions that you need to consider before choosing the right fabric for your suit are cold weather and hot weather.

  • What are the best Italian suiting fabrics for hot weather? The right fabric for hot weather must be light enough to prevent heat. This explains why we recommend that you go for linen, kid mohair, silk, or cotton material.

If what you’re looking for is “comfortability” and “affordability,” we’ll advise you to pick a cotton fabric. You shouldn’t go for cotton if breathability is your priority. While the cotton fabric is breathable, you need to understand that certain suiting materials (such as linen) are more breathable.

Kid Mohair fabrics are also perfect for hot weather. They are non-irritating and highly resilient. While silk fabrics are very expensive, you should go for them if luxury and comfort are your things.

  • What are the best Italian suiting fabrics for “cold” weather? The right fabric for cold weather must be thick enough to prevent cold during winter months. Wool, Vicuna Peru, and Cashmere are the right choice in this category.

You should pick Vicuna Peru fabrics for your custom Italian jackets if all you want is “uniqueness” and “luxury”. That’s so because these materials are very rare and expensive. That aside, these products are water-resistant, breathable, and UV-resistant.

Cashmere suiting fabrics are less expensive when compared to Vicuna Peru materials. However, you need to know that these fabrics have great insulation. That aside, they are also hypoallergenic and wrinkle-resistant.

Italian wool fabrics are less expensive. You should go for them if what you’re looking for is budget-friendly Italian suiting fabrics for winter months. Wool fabrics are highly durable and water-resistant.

2. Testing

Another factor you need to put in mind before picking the right fabrics for your Italian bespoke men’s suits is “testing”. Testing, as used in this context, means you should test the material and be sure it’s wrinkle-free.

If what you want is Italian suit materials that wrinkle the least, all you need is to choose heavier, highly treated fabrics that come with a complex weave design.

You can test for wrinkles by squishing the fabric in your fist. After that, check and confirm that the fabric recovers to its initial form quickly. The best wrinkle-free products should recover back within seconds.

3. Budget

You also need to consider your budget when picking the right fabrics. If budget isn’t your concern and you’re ready to pay any amount to get the right product, we’ll advise you to stick to Vicuna Peru. For less expensive Italian suiting fabrics, choose cotton or wool.

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