How to solve ESPN Plus most common streaming issues?


Sports fans worldwide love ESPN Plus, especially those who love watching UFC, Hockey, and NHL. Despite recently losing the MLS contract, ESPN Plus is still the favorite sports channel for many people as it covers a variety of sports, including the Spanish La Liga and the German Bundesliga. One of the main reasons why many sports enthusiasts love ESPN is that it offers live sports in HD quality at a low price. Disney media and entertainment distribution own ESPN Plus, and despite being such a successful platform for sports, some people still complain about its streaming issues.

Nothing is more frustrating than when you are fully invested in your favorite sports match-up, and suddenly the stream stops. Since you are here reading this blog, you have also gone through the same situation. 

How to Solve ESPN Streaming Issues?

You could face such issues for various reasons; for example, a slow and poor internet connection or outdated apps and drivers are some of the main reasons for such issues. However, to ensure that you no longer have to face streaming issues on ESPN Plus, we have curated a troubleshooting guide for you. After following the steps mentioned below for ESPN on LG TV, or any other device, you would no longer have to face lagging, buffering, choppy playback, request timed out, and poor streaming quality.

1. Restart Your Device

Many people don’t realize this, but restarting the device can help solve such issues. It is one of the easiest ways as all you have to do is power off your mobile phone or TV for a few seconds and turn it back on. If a device is turned on for too long, temporary malfunctions could be affected; these malfunctions usually occur because the temporary system glitch can cause different applications to clash.

2. Check Your Internet Connection

After restarting your device, if the problem persists, then the first thing that you should do is check your internet connection. There are various websites and applications to check the internet speed; if the speed is slow, try troubleshooting steps such as bringing the router close to your device or using a wired connection instead of a wired one. If the problem stays, you must check whether ESPN servers are down or not; if they are working correctly, they contact your internet service provider and ask him to fix your connection.

3. Update or Re-install the ESPN Application

If your internet is working fine and you’re still facing issues, then chances are that you have not downloaded the latest version of ESPN plus. Check the ESPN application manually and install the latest version if available. Sometimes the updates aren’t installed properly; in that case, delete the ESPN application and install it again.

4. Update Your Drivers

Outdated drivers, such as audio and video drivers, can cause streaming issues on your device. If you are streaming ESPN plus on your computer, you have to open your device manager and check for the updates on the list of hardware installed.

Two ways you can install updates for the drivers are to let the system check for updates automatically, and the second option is to choose the already downloaded driver. If the system couldn’t find the driver and you don’t have it already installed, then we recommend you install specialized software such as DriverFix.

5. Close Other Applications

Your ESPN Plus application could start acting up because other applications use internet resources. Try closing all the unnecessary apps on your device; this will take off the load from your internet connection and might make ESPN faster.

6. Use A Premium VPN

VPNs often get a bad rap when streaming or downloading; surfshark 쿠폰 consume a lot of data and slow your internet. That is true, but only in the case of a free VPN; a premium and reliable VPN can boost your streaming experience. Quality VPNs such as the Ivacy VPN can help you stream ESPN Plus privately and get you better quality videos without throttling and blackouts.

7. Sign Out and Sign Back In

By signing out from your ESPN Plus app, you can clear all the cached data; this data could sometimes be corrupted and cause temporary glitches. After signing out, you must close the application and then sign back in.

8. Clear Cache Manually

The last thing you can do is clear the cache from your application and your browser (if you are streaming ESPN Plus on a browser). To clear the cache from the application, you have to open the app settings and tap “clear app data.” If you have to clear the browser cache, go to browser settings, open privacy and security, and click on clear browsing data.

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