Food & Beverage Trends 2023


Food and beverage are one of society’s most dynamic and rapidly evolving sectors. Whether you are a professional or just an average consumer, you are bound to be affected by the new industry trends. Covid 19 pandemic has changed the way we think and behave. Some argue that the pandemic has changed how we acquire and consume food for good. Here we are going to look at some of the food and beverage trends emerging in the new post-pandemic world and how we can use them to our benefit.

Vegan Milk Enhancement

With the rise of the internet and rapid change in our environment, people’s perception of how we consume meat and dairy has changed a lot. With each passing day, more and more people see animal product consumption as fundamentally problematic. They are on the lookout for vegan alternatives. 

Plant-based milk is hardly new to the industry. However, many consumers realize that most of these vegan milk options lack their dairy counterparts’ creamy richness and mouthfeel. That is where Perfectasol comes in. It’s a texture enhancer made with potato protein and starch. It is used to enhance the richness of vegan milk and its derived products, such as cheeses. Another key advantage of this product is that it masks the off notes from plant proteins and brings it much closer to the feel of dairy milk. 

Rise of Plant-based Seafood 

Seafood has always been considered the healthier choice in meat consumption, but with the rise in health and environmental consciousness, people are now demanding vegan options in seafood. An estimate by the UN suggests that almost 90% of marine life is either overused or is under severe threat of overfishing. People are now looking for alternative seafood meats like shrimp, salmon, and tuna. Many vegan meat brands are already taking notice of this, and in the near future, we should expect the healthy option of plant-based sea foods. 

Food Fusion in the Age of Information

With the rise of social media and its rapid evolution, local is turning global. Places that serve food and beverages exclusive to their locality are shrinking and giving way to healthier fusion food options. Kitchen practices and uses of different ingredients from all over the world are being mixed and matched, giving birth to new fusion food trends. Some examples of such social media-led food fusions are Taco Pizzas, Mexican Lasagna, Asian Egg Crepes, etc. 

Mood Foods of the Future

Mental health awareness is on the rise. When looking for healthier food options, people also ask about the mental health benefits of the food they are consuming. This phenomenon is giving rise to mushroom and cannabis-based “mood foods” that use these psychoactive compounds in micro quantities to increase the quality of sleep, mood enhancement, and reduce stress. With our perception of certain drugs changing rapidly, we will see this trend picking pace in the future. 


If you are in the food business, you must know these food and beverage trends for 2023! It will help you plan and be on top of the food game in 2023. At Cater Tampa Bay, we pride ourselves in knowing that we are leading the industry towards a brighter future.

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