What is Image Comic’s Geiger Comic Series About?

Watching comic series is a beautiful way to develop your child’s perception and relate to the real world. Although comic pieces serve enthusiastic fans, various genres work best for teenagers. Geiger, an Image Comic film, is a good example. Set in Las Vegas, United States, Geiger shows a version after nuclear bombs ravage the country. In the series, you meet various characters, themes, and lessons relating to the real world. Learn more about Image Comic’s Geiger below!

Who is Geiger?

Geiger carries both the series title and the main character’s name. According to one of the series’ award-winning authors, Geoff Johns, Geiger aims to protect his family after the bomb falls. In its entirety, Geiger’s family flees to find protective shelter for their hind out. Although Geiger had a menacing appearance, he had distinctive characteristics- humanity and a helping heart.

Tariq Geiger is a fan of all things. He earns a few nicknames throughout his role, including the Meltdown Man and Glowing Man. The few who survived the nuclear bombs speak in low tones as they talk about the mysterious man. Some fear him because of his physical appearance and powers- he has the superpower to transform into a talking and walking green skeleton.

What Will You Find in the Geiger Series?

Geiger is more than just a simple comic series. Its artistic nature is phenomenal. As you watch this fascinating show, you will feel the creators’ energy getting to their height. It bears a distinctive level of characterization that passes on different main and minor themes. So what are some of the elements in Image Comic’s Geiger?

Geiger is a Creator-Owned Comic Series

Company-owned pieces can be boring sometimes. However, creator-owned comics like Geiger differ in this scenario. In its creation, the authors express their unlimited creativity and can customize their themes and characters and develop unique storylines to suit their liking.

Main and Supporting Characters

Initially, you meet only a few characters who play different roles. In this comic series, Geiger is the main cast. Geiger meets two orphans in his realm whose lives change after meeting him. The orphans and other survivors see Geiger as their all-time heroes and serve as the supporting characters.

Radioactive Powers

Before the bomb dropped, Geiger was to die from the severe effects of cancer in his kidneys, lungs, and liver. However, the nuclear explosion made him the Glowing Man, enabling him to walk without a hazmat suit in Nevada. The radioactive power allowed him to protect his family and the two orphans- Hailee and Henry, whom he met in Las Vegas. This kind of act strengthens ethnicity diversion by all accounts.

Where is the Geiger Comic Series Set?

Borrowing from Western fashion, Geigeris’ creators set it in a desert in Las Vegas. The desert, however, is unique with bright colors since its features exist after the nuclear explosion and its effects. This setting brings the clear landscape into a more vivid view than any other place would allow.

Similarities Between the Main Character and the Creator

Unknown to most fans, Geoff Johns worked hard to compel the main character in this comic series. Since they share several things, Johns may have injected personal life experiences to mold the main cast. First, Johns displays Geiger-the main character, as a great family man, which he is too. Additionally, Geoff Johns and Geiger are both American Arabs.

Using the radioactive powers, Geiger bears the traditional superhero tag with the power to turn his body shape to face harsh neighbors and scavengers. The story bears tongue-biting twists and turns that keep you glued and watching for hours.

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