The Best Aquarium Plants for a Vibrant and Healthy Tank

Brisbane, the capital of Queensland, Australia, is known for its vibrant culture, beautiful landscapes, and a thriving aquarium industry. With its nearness to the Great Barrier Reef and a strong interest in marine life, Brisbane offers many opportunities for aquarium enthusiasts, hobbyists, and professionals. Aquarium plants are aesthetically pleasing and play a crucial role in creating a vibrant and healthy environment for your fish. They provide natural hiding places, improve water quality, and even contribute to oxygen production. This article explores some of the best plants available in any aquarium store in brisbane that can transform your tank into a lush and thriving underwater paradise. 


Anubias is a popular choice among fish tank enthusiasts due to its hardiness and low-maintenance requirements. This plant thrives in various water conditions and can manage low light levels, making it ideal for beginners. Anubias can be attached to rocks or driftwood, adding a beautiful touch to your aquascape.

Java Fern:

Java Fern is another versatile and easy-to-care-for plant suitable for all experience levels. It can adapt to various lighting conditions and does not require nutrient-rich substrates. Java Fern’s long, flowing leaves provide an excellent backdrop for your fish and create a natural, soothing ambience in the tank.

Amazon Sword:

The Amazon Sword plant is a must-have if you’re looking to create a lush and visually stunning fish tank. Known for its vibrant green leaves and impressive size, this plant is best suited for larger tanks. The Amazon Sword requires moderate to high light levels and a nutrient-rich substrate to thrive. It also acts as a natural shelter for fish, promoting a sense of security.


Cryptocoryne, or “crypts” commonly called, are highly adaptable plants that thrive in various water conditions. With their broad leaves and rich colours, crypts add depth and dimension to any fish tank. Depending on the species, They are well-suited for foreground and background placement. Cryptocoryne requires moderate lighting and a nutrient-rich substrate for optimal growth.


Vallisneria, also known as “Vallis” or “eelgrass,” is a popular choice for fish tanks due to its graceful appearance and rapid growth rate. This plant can manage a wide range of water parameters and lighting conditions. Vallisneria forms dense, green meadows in the background of your tank, providing a natural habitat for fish and acting as a filter by absorbing excess nutrients.


Hornwort is a floating plant that adds a unique touch to any fish tank. It has long, needle-like leaves that create a dense, bushy appearance. Hornwort is an excellent choice for breeding tanks as it provides cover for fry and helps maintain water quality by absorbing nitrates. It is a fast grower and does well in various water conditions, making it suitable for beginners.

Java Moss:

It is a versatile and sturdy plant that can be attached to rocks, driftwood or left floating in the water. It is known for its dense, lush growth, which provides excellent hiding spots for fish and shrimp. Java Moss is undemanding regarding lighting and nutrient requirements, making it an ideal choice for low-tech setups.


Incorporating live plants into your aquarium enhances its visual appeal and creates a healthier and more natural environment for your fish. The plants mentioned in this article – Anubias, Java Fern, Amazon Sword, Cryptocoryne, Vallisneria, Hornwort, and Java Moss – are all excellent choices for beginners and experienced aquarists alike. Remember to choose plants from an aquarium store in brisbane that are compatible with your tank’s size, lighting, and water parameters to ensure their successful growth. Adding these plants to your fish tank can create a vibrant and thriving underwater ecosystem that your fish will love to call home.

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