The importance of real-time tracking for efficient logistics management

With more and more availability of shipping and delivery options across the world, the requirement to assure consumer satisfaction is extremely valuable. It is significant to understand this as facts as opposed to estimation; the latest research reflects that, as time goes on, each customer and business organisation expects more from a logistics service.

In the current environment, effective logistics management is considered a significant aspect for businesses to remain competitive. In this context, one of the most important elements of logistics management is tracking, which includes keeping an eye on the movement of products from the point of origin to the delivery point. In the recent scenario, real-time tracking has emerged as a game changer in logistics management, offering businesses higher visibility and control over their operations.

CG Logistics (CGL) recognises the significance of real-time tracking in logistics management and has heavily invested in the latest and most modern technologies to provide its clients with comprehensive tracking solutions.

Discussion about real-time tracking

Real-time tracking is defined as a correct reflection of the location of products that are moved across the supply chain, reported from either pull or push data, on the basis of a set time span. In simple words, on the basis of a predetermined time period, whether it be hours, days, or minutes, GPS data is uploaded on the server that permits consumers to know where their item is, or was, within a previous update period. It should go without saying that the shipment details will be more accurate if the update period is more frequent or continuous.

Though it is significant to recognise what real-time tracking is, it is just as significant to be able to ascertain the advantages of real-time tracking and what it could do for efficient logistics management.

The following analysis reveals why the role of real-time tracking is actually crucial for efficient logistics management:

Advantages of real-time tracking

There are several advantages to real-time tracking practises, while the usual reason is that clients come to expect such information to be readily accessible, there are numerous other reasons why logistics-based entities should start to consider these options. The advantages revolve across the distinct elements of the supply chain business, which are connected to the security of cargo, increment in efficiency, enhancement in transparency, and improvement in overall consumer satisfaction.

Increased efficiency

When an entity uses real-time tracking options, it is better able to define its key problem points that may present themselves within its supply chain. In the case of CGL India, the company is using a real-time tracking system by which it can identify issues that exist within its supply chain, resulting in an increase in efficiency.

Assessment of delays

For example, if by live tracking system the logistics company ascertains that a leg through one given area always takes twice as long as any other leg of a similar distance, the entity would probably perform well through the working of reconfiguration of the shipping routes to save time in the one particular area within transit wherever it is probable to do so.

Better on-time performance

The similar idea that is ascertained and is connected to the delays could be implanted to understand times when deliveries are not made on their predicted or committed date of delivery. If an entity is capable of ascertaining a trend with one leg of the journey or a particular place that is probably contributing to delayed deliveries, then the entity may be able to implement steps for addressing the issue connected with the delayed deliveries.

Reduction of theft

Though it is not possible to eliminate packaging theft completely, with the support of a real-time tracking system, a company could take numerous steps that would permit them to ascertain probable problems within the supply chain. Issues might be connected with the particular weak points that present within supply chain security; an entity might also be capable of ascertaining specific items at the package or item level that are more likely to disappear along particular routes or in certain situations with specific delivery or dealing personnel. Though this may only appear to be an issue with small packages, there are times when complete pallets of valuable industrial products do get stolen or lost in such a manner.

Real-time tracking systems also assist CG Logistics with all of this by determining which time period an item went missing on the basis of scanning the most recent data, determining the time period in which the item went missing, thus reducing the chances of product disappearance that may assist in product recovery or identification of problem areas to limit further supply chain disruptions.

Enhancement of transparency

The requirement for enhanced transparency in the entire elements of the supply chain has become critical ever since the capability to exist this transparency has been presented. The reason behind demonstrating this transparency is to ascertain that an entity has nothing to hide on the basis of their operational integrity. In the past years, an entity could commit that an item has been shifted along its supply lines and recognise that it was still sitting in position, waiting to get shifted in a work to place responsibility elsewhere.

It has been expected by modern customers that there must be complete transparency connected to when the products are reached at the targeted destination along the supply chain, from the picking up of items to the delivery of products at their final destination. CGL, one of the best freight forwarding companies, is capable of fulfilling such expectations of modern customers through its real-time tracking system.

Improvement in customer satisfaction

All the above analysis reflects that one major factor is the complete target of offering up-to-date tracking information: accelerating consumer satisfaction. In this way, accelerating consumer satisfaction permits a reduction in the number of consumers that choose to work with a rival, therefore increasing the overall value of a client. Assuring complete transparency, the safety of products, and on-time delivery fulfils the consumers, which is the overall goal of the CGL, as a pleased client supports the generation of revenue.

CG Logistics’ cooperative solution to real-time tracking

CGL is one of the best logistic companies in India and has started to provide real-time tracking services that give excellent coverage, reliability, and superb speed for real-time tracking.

The reason behind this is to provide you, the clients, with the best probable information as rapidly as possible to enhance consumer satisfaction and decrease losses connected with theft, unsatisfied clients, and delayed deliveries.


Visibility is assured by the real-time tracking service. CGL’s excellent technology can execute tracking for all modes.


Accuracy is considered one of the major factors in the success of real-time tracking. The live tracking system in use employs precise techniques that are updated frequently, providing significant accuracy. Additional algorithms that are created consider traffic, weather, and other estimated programme features, ensuring that there are fewer delays in the supply chain.


CGL has used a procedure that permits its partner carriers to get up and running with software service in just a few weeks, as opposed to the months that it might take with other systems. This assures that the overall carrier network is rapidly capable of providing real-time tracking for your businesses.

In conclusion, for efficient logistics management, role of real-time tracking is important. CGL is providing real-time tracking services to its clients that contribute to significant consumer satisfaction.

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