Boost Internal Communication With Digital Signage

Using digital signage to communicate internally is a proven way to engage employees and boost workplace culture. However, it’s important to consider where to place your signs so you can get the most out of them.

Messages displayed in digital signage need to be relevant and compelling. It’s best to create content that resonates with your people and adjust it frequently so it stays interesting.

What Information to Display

Employees need to be kept informed about important company events, changes to opening hours, and other messages. The best way to do this is by displaying these messages on digital signage screens.

Using this platform also saves on printing costs, since you don’t need to use paper memos and other inefficient methods. When employees see information on a screen, they’ll be more likely to notice and remember it.

You can even send out alerts to notify staff of health and safety rules or other relevant announcements, such as when there are scheduled maintenance activities happening in the facility. Moreover, you can create looping videos of training sessions for specific job roles and display them on digital signage screens in various areas.

The most important thing is to make sure that the messages displayed on digital signage are relevant and useful for your employees. Ensure that your solution is able to measure the effectiveness of the messaging displayed and provide you with insights so you can adjust it as needed.

In addition, the content you choose to display on digital signage should be light and fun. Using riddles, jokes, seasonal recipes, and other entertaining content can increase the amount of interest that employees have in what you are showing them on your screens.

You can even use employee spotlights to show off the great work of employees in different departments. This is a powerful tool to encourage collaboration and build team spirit. If someone gets a big promotion or a letter of appreciation from a client, you can put it up on your screens to show that it is a true reflection of their hard work.


In the work environment, digital signage can be used to display company news, announcements, safety information, and more. It also allows businesses to create dynamic content that employees can read and understand easily.

Whether you’re in the healthcare industry, manufacturing, or a more general workplace, digital signage can help improve internal communication and boost employee engagement. It can keep employees informed about important updates, show current metrics and industry news, and give shout outs to outstanding team members.

You can also use digital signage to communicate about employee training and education. You can loop through videos or tutorials that show employees how to properly operate machinery or perform their job function. You can even set up emergency alerts, so staff know how to respond in the event of a fire or other disaster.

Another good idea is to mix it up with fun content, such as riddles and seasonal recipes. This can motivate employees and inspire them to come up with creative solutions for your business goals.

This type of content can be displayed on a screen or on a tablet device, depending on your specific needs. It can be a video or an animated GIF, and it can be embedded in a slide show.

The main advantage of digital signage in internal communication is that it allows you to convey a large amount of information quickly and efficiently. For instance, you can make announcements regarding important company goals and encourage your team to share their ideas on how to implement these goals.

This helps to improve overall productivity, and it also provides a way for management and staff to coordinate their activities. When employees work together on a common project, they’re more likely to meet deadlines and deliver high-quality work. This can also lead to better overall employee engagement and lower fatigue levels.

New Employees

In the work environment, digital signage is a great way to communicate with your employees. It’s easy to set up and change, so you can deliver content in a timely manner.

New employees will need to know what their roles are and how the company operates. Rather than using static signs or charts, digital signage allows you to present information in an engaging way that can help them grasp the concepts quickly and easily.

Displaying your company’s goals and objectives on digital screens is a great way to encourage employees to stay motivated and aligned with the overall vision of the organization. It will also keep them informed about important events and updates in the business.

Adding fun and whimsy to your content can increase employee engagement, boost morale, and improve your company culture. Displaying quotes from great leaders, thought-provoking citations, and stress-relieving messages can provide your employees with inspiration to stay focused on their job.

Digital signs can also help you promote employee benefits. You may have already outlined your company’s perks during the onboarding process, but it’s always good to remind your team that they are valued and appreciated.

It can also be helpful to share your company’s performance dashboard on digital signage to show employees where they stand in comparison with other departments and company goals. This will motivate them to do their best to meet their goals, which can boost productivity and lead to better outcomes for the organization.

As a result, you’ll see significant improvements to corporate communications and employee morale in your workplace when you use digital signage as part of your internal communication strategy. These strategies will also improve business culture, employee experience and ultimately your bottom line.

Company Values

Defining your company values is one of the most important parts of internal communication. They set the tone for your organization and create a shared identity among customers, clients, and employees.

Values should be specific, rooted in your company’s mission and goals, and relevant to the products or services you provide. They should also address the way your company wants to interact with external groups.

The best companies have unique values that stand out from their competitors. They also have company-wide themes that help them develop and maintain a strong culture.

It’s important to keep your company values short and simple, so they are easy to remember and adhere to. Avoid writing in corporate jargon, which can be confusing and dilutes their meaning.

Using digital signage to display your company values can improve employee engagement and foster teamwork, which leads to higher productivity. It also makes it easier to distribute information, as well as share news and other messages with all of your employees.

Many leaders recognize the benefits of clear and engaging internal communication with digital signage. In fact, research has shown that companies with effective communication practices are 4x more likely to report high levels of employee engagement and 15% more likely to achieve a competitive advantage in their industry.

In addition, clear and engaging communication can help reduce employee turnover and increase employee satisfaction, which results in increased customer loyalty and revenue. It can also improve the overall quality of work and boost productivity by 25%.

Creating your own values isn’t difficult, but it does take time and effort to develop them. It’s important to revisit them every six months or so to make sure they still align with your goals and are meaningful for everyone.

Results Achieved

With digital signage, you can create a unified visual experience for employees, customers and visitors throughout the work environment. This helps communicate company values, mission statements and business wins with ease.

In addition, it can help drive employee engagement and morale in the workplace, improving productivity by as much as 25%. Moreover, it can be used to provide employee recognition and morale-boosting events for team members and their families.

A well-designed digital signage system can also integrate with your mass notification and building management systems, alerting employees to critical messages such as health warnings, weather advisories, emergencies or fires in your facilities. This can significantly enhance the efficiency of your corporate communications, and ensure that everyone is always aware of critical information, even when they’re away from the office.

Besides the internal communication benefits of digital signage, it can also be used to display promotional content and advertisements for your brand or products. This type of advertising can help drive sales by offering limited time offers that are personalized based on customer context, purchase history and more.

It can also be used to promote company events and activities, promoting company culture and values in the workplace. This can be done via a video wall or interactive kiosk.

Before launching a digital signage program, it is important to revisit your company’s strategy and goals. Only then can you develop a plan to maximize the technology’s potential for supporting your organization’s overall objectives and vision. Once you’ve done that, your internal communication teams can then determine how to best use digital signage as a medium. This will help them to improve their existing communication strategies and take full advantage of its opportunities for delivering quality content to support strategic internal communication.

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