Digitizing Slides? Here’s What Not to Do

Film slides were once a very efficient and popular method of capturing and storing snapshots. However, you need a working slide projector to enjoy these old favorites. To bring those captured moments back to life, Smooth Photo Scanning helps you convert these old slides to digital images with their slide scanning services.

The reality is that digitization projects involve a lot of labor, formats, equipment, expertise, and responsibilities that may be best completed thoroughly and diligently over time. Before making firm decisions about a project, it is beneficial to discuss the project timeline, estimated completion date, and budget plan based on your project’s needs.

On the contrary, while you try to do the same process yourself, you’re also primarily trying to set up your imaging facility. The anticipated learning curve may cause a series of unforeseen circumstances that organizations or individuals must overcome. How prepared are you or your company to deal with the following disadvantages?

  • Increased investment

It takes time to build a good, solid infrastructure for if you’re planning a DIY slide scanning project. It is unlikely that a single piece of equipment exists that can scan all of the media formats you may have. We all get intimidated by the amount of technology needed to convert analog mediums to digital. And after gathering your equipment, are they good enough quality to provide the results you’re looking for? Thus, the above process is an involved job, and we are here to save you from all the hustle. Here we require you to share your expectations, and we’ll deliver it to you and curate a package for you in the most affordable and time saving manner.

  • Increased ramp-up time before digitization can begin

Are you ready to take the risk and DIY digitizing of slides all by yourself? Even if you know that this might completely snatch your long- saved memories. We at Smooth Photo Scanning assure you the amount of time you would have spent by yourself to complete the tedious process of digitizing slides yourself will be done in a fraction of the time with quality results. 

Getting in touch with us will require only your time to execute the needs keeping in mind the best quality output. Our trained professionals help you serve slide scanning services with advanced technology as per your requirements in lesser time.

  • Price determination may vary and be difficult to calculate

With all of the unknowns that come with starting a digitization project, it is unlikely that an accurate cost per item can be determined if you plan to DIY. It’s easy to end up spending more than what we offer, with no guarantee of the outcome. Why scratch your head between all the numbers? Smooth Photo Scanning will offer you the best slide scanning services at affordable prices. The lowest prices start at 0.36ea. USD for 35mm Slides & 110 format slides.


  • Production capabilities and facilities are relatively limited

Individuals or organizations will likely need help in understanding the desired outcome expected and identifying the right digital service that will match your expected output. However, we promise to complete your slide scanning or other analog-to-digital services, such as VHS to digital service, digitized slide services, and much more, at unbeatable prices. 

  • Extensive staffing experience

Another disadvantage faced by individuals or organizations is facing a range of staffing experiences. However, there is variability between the beginning and end points, affecting quality, cost, and ability to meet deadlines. At each point you’ll need an experienced person to guide you and carry out the whole process as per your needs. This is the biggest disadvantage if you try to DIY. A person with little to no experience can only help so much with any unique situations that may arise. What about the rest of the process?

Based on the above mentioned tips there are multiple reasons to take advantage of the various slideshow services and photo restoration services offered at Smooth Photo Scanning. Indeed, one of the primary benefits of slide digitization projects is the wide range of services and options available. Other benefits include: 

  • The vendor/partner is responsible for the monetary investment and technical infrastructure
  • The vendor/partner carries obsolescence expenses
  • Organizations can budget and can fix the cost per digitized item
  • A specially designed and staffed production facility has far more volume than any cultural heritage organization is likely to have.

Throughout a project, various services can be shared with Smooth Photo Solutions. The need for any of these will be curated based on the nature of the materials to be digitized and decisions made regarding local priorities and project needs. We are just an e-mail away!

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