Know The Different Types Of Deodorants And Which One Is The Best For You?

Know The Different Types Of Deodorants And Which One Is The Best For You?

With a number of products available today, it is sometimes difficult to choose the best deodorants. Thence, you may not buy any or even get the wrong product. Having said that, you need to know all about the different types of deodorants to find the best one for you. The write-up will, thus, give an answer to these questions and help you make the correct choice.

But before moving further, let us first understand the difference between Deodorants and Antiperspirants.

Deodorants and Antiperspirants

You come across terms like Deodorants and Antiperspirants while buying your skincare products. However, though they sound the same, the terms have many differences.

While deodorants prevent odor by increasing skin acidity, antiperspirants stop sweat by blocking the pores. Deodorants work best to prevent body odor when bacteria cause a smell and foul smell. The ingredients present in the product eliminate the bacteria and freshen up the skin. Some deodorants may even produce good bacteria, whereas others change the body pH and help banish body odor. Antiperspirants, on the other hand, are used to mask body odor with a pleasing, pleasant smell.  Nevertheless, many deodorants are antiperspirants, giving you the option to choose the product depending on your skin type. 

Many may claim the credibility and advantages of one over the other, but you should give it a try yourself and choose your type accordingly. Check out the different types of deodorants to know more about their uses and suitability.

Different Types of Deodorants

Not all deodorant products are good for your skin. Hence, you need to know about their different types to understand them better. Have a look!


Roll-on deodorant comes in mobile and handy bottles containing scented liquid and a plastic rollerball. It can be easily applied and does not form a chalky or a greasy residue which may cause any marks or ruin your favourite dress. Roll-ons are one of the most loved products as they are easy to apply and last for a longer time. However, compromising the quality of the product can restrain its influence and make you feel sticky and irritated. 


Another long-lasting yet conventional type includes gel and stick deodorants. They are similar to those with ingredients like alcohol and aluminum. However, the after-effects mainly depend on the skin type. Gel deodorants are usually in a jelly-like structure, due to which they require more time to dry, yet are a perfect way to keep body odor away. 


Crystal deodorants are a choice for many as they are made of natural ingredients, especially for sensitive skin. The formula has been used for centuries in countries like Thailand and the Philippines. It comes in stone, roll-on, and spray forms so that you can choose it at your convenience. The results are, however, fragile as for some, it may be super-beneficial while not even work for many others. 


Spray-on or Aerosol are deodorant sprays that come in spritz bottles and can be easily used. These sprays are also one of the most commonly used antiperspirants. Their effectiveness and usability can be easily measured with their numerous benefits. Aerosols never stain your clothes and dry easily. Moreover, they retain their care and hygiene even after being shared with others.


Deodorant wipes are mainly suitable when looking for something soft and soothing. However, single-use and disposable products tend to last only for a shorter span and are, thus, not suitable for long and tiring days. Wipes are usually available as deodorants but can even include some antiperspirant effects. Nevertheless, they are also the perfect option for babies and patients, giving them a natural fragrance whenever applied. 

Which One is Best for You?

The unique types of deodorants are designed for different skin types to choose from, and we believe that You know your skin best!

Many other factors, including your lifestyle, personal preferences, and physical activities, also play a major role while choosing a deodorant for yourself. Look for renowned brands and pick the type of deodorant that is most suitable and convenient for you. Also, it is better to know your skin type and choose a product that is not irritating and suits your skin. Nevertheless, if you still can’t find your type, then try and try till you get it right. After all, there is something for all of us. 

Final Say

Deodorants are the perfect way to refresh yourself and carry the natural fragrance throughout the day. However, the numerous types and brands may sometimes muddle you, and it may be strenuous to get the best fit.  

So, learn about the different types and your skin type to get the perfect deodorants for your skin and maintain the natural odor and charm of your body throughout.  


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