What Made Kobe Bryant So Special?

What Made Kobe Bryant So Special?

Whenever children shoot a paper ball in a dustbin, they yell, “Kobe.” Born in 1978 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, was Kobe Bryant—a child to parents who were athletes. Kobe started playing when he was six and showed significant signs of developing into a great basketball player. However, in 1996 he was drafted by the Charlotte Hornets, where he did not perform up to expectations. Later he was traded to the Los Angeles Lakers

The Lakers are where he showed the world what happens when talent meets hard work. Playing with Shaquille O’Neal, Kobe helped the Lakers win three consecutive NBA championships from 2000-2002. While Shaq was in their prime during this three-peat, Kobe rose to the spotlight, caught everyone’s eye, and appeared to play very similar to who people considered the GOAT, Michael Jordan. 

There were many similarities between MJ and Kobe. Starting from their height, both were 6’6. They also played the same position,’ Shooting Guard.’ Both were terrific scorers and significant assets to their teams. What cemented his legacy for the Lakers was when Shaq left the Lakers, Kobe still performed and led them to three consecutive finals, winning two of them from 2008-2010. 

Kobe’s work ethic was extraordinary. He was known for non-stop training sessions. On the other hand, his basketball IQ was second to none. He would score by running through opponents and dunking, but later with age, he started shooting. When Kobe had the ball, viewers would not blink. His style of play attracted people. 

He had a passion for the game and a ‘not giving up’ mentality. Once, he played only left-handed because his right shoulder was injured. Another example is when he tore his Achilles tendon but stayed on for free throws. Kobe wanted to be the best in the business; he would be the first to enter and the last person to leave the court. So if he had some weakness, he worked on it until it became his strength. 

The hard work that he put into the sport speaks for his success. Three-peat that he had with Shaq, then the consecutive championships. He was featured in 17 NBA All-stars consecutively, 18 in total. In 2006 he scored a staggering 81 points versus the Raptors. Although he fell off later in his career, in his NBA game, he scored 60 points and reminded the fans why they love him.

To wrap up, Kobe is an inspiration to a lot of children around the world. He did what he loved, which was what was best for him. His winning mentality led him to great success during his illustrious 20-year career. In addition, his composure to stay calm in pressure situations helped him to have some clutch moments throughout those 20 years. 

Many sportswagerers, with help from their favorite sportsbook review website, made a great deal of money wagering on Kobe. He won 5 NBA Championships in his career and covered the spread more often than not. 

Kobe Bryant has engraved his legacy as an NBA legend forever. He is a prime example of when talent is topped up with hard work; nothing can stop one from succeeding. With his unfortunate and sudden passing on January 26, 2020, children still worldwide yell his name whenever they throw something.

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