5 Reasons to Hire a Lawyer for Your Child Custody Case

91% of child custody cases settle outside of court, however, this does not mean you don’t need representation. You want to make sure that you are providing your children with the best when it comes to who and when they stay with another parent or guardian at the dissolution of a relationship. In many circumstances, this may include a custody arrangement.

Legal help when it comes to that custody agreement is one of the most helpful decisions you can make for yourself. When you hire a lawyer, you ensure that you’re working in the best interest of your child. Taking the time to find a layer is not something you should skip.

If you’ve been wondering when the right time to get a lawyer involved is, the answer is immediately. Let’s discuss why the best attorney possible is in your and your children’s interests.

1. Fair Representation for Both Sides

What you want most in a child custody case is for both sides to be represented and for the child’s best interests to be kept in mind. When both parents obtain legal help, the process is able to be negotiated fairly. Obtaining a lawyer gives both sides a chance to hash out all the details.

2. Complications Are Present

If known complications have come up during the prior agreement, then obtaining a lawyer is a great idea. Hire an attorney for backup with any legal problems that need to be sorted out and have been lingering in the way of both parties. Lawyers will be able to discuss the difficult situations you may be experiencing as co-parents.

3. Circumstances Have Changed

If one party has moved from their prior location and is a distance away, or if there have been significant changes in the home, the best attorney will help you settle out any new differences that may be in the way of custody plans. Navigating child custody across state lines can be a confusing process. The attorney will help you come up with an agreement that fits all parties.

4. Visitation Is Being Denied

For a parent that is being denied custody of your children, a lawyer should be the first thing you hire. Don’t allow the unfair advantage of one parent having full reign when the other is allowed to see their children. Lawyers allow for a smooth and legal custody arrangement to be composed.

5. Any Indication of Danger

Worried that your child is in danger when they are with the other parent? A lawyer being hired will help you to document this and prove anything that might hinder the other parent’s rights. Put your child’s safety first by going to court and discussing a set-in-stone agreement.

Hire a Lawyer for Your Custody Case

Instead of waiting until the last second,  hire a lawyer for the best possible case when it comes to your children. Worrying about their custody should be your first priority. Set aside all of those differences and work to find a solution to the common goal of wanting to care for your children.

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