Are Mechanical Keyboards Worth the Hype? Exploring the Pros of Using a Mechanical Keyboard

There are many types of keyboards on the market, but one type is usually a favourite among enthusiasts and gamers: mechanical. A mechanical keyboard uses mechanical switches under each key responsible for registering each key press. Switches are small, but they significantly impact your typing experience. That’s why choosing the right switch is so essential.

For years, computer users have been using normal keyboards, which are cheap and easy to replace. However, with the rise of gaming and typing enthusiasts, mechanical keyboards have become increasingly popular. The mechanical keyboard is known for its durability, precision, and tactile feedback, making it a preferred choice for gamers, coders, and typists. However, with the high price tag and loud clicking sounds, some people question whether mechanical keyboards are worth the hype. In this object, we will discover the pros and cons of using a mechanical keyboard and determine if it’s worth investing in.

Pros of Using a Mechanical Keyboard

Durability: Mechanical keyboards are built to last. Unlike membrane keyboards, which have a thin layer of rubber under each key that wears out over time, mechanical keyboards have individual mechanical switches that can withstand millions of keystrokes without losing their tactile feel. This makes them ideal for heavy typists, gamers, and coders who need a reliable and long-lasting keyboard.

Tactile Feedback: One of the main advantages of using a mechanical keyboard is the tactile feedback it provides. Mechanical keyboards use a physical switch under each key, which gives a satisfying “click” or “clack” sound and a tactile bump when the key is pressed. This makes it easier to know when a key has been pressed and can help reduce typing errors. The tactile feedback also makes typing more enjoyable, as it provides a satisfying typing experience that cannot be found on membrane keyboards.

Customization: Mechanical keyboards offer a high degree of customization. Many mechanical keyboards allow you to change the keycaps, add macro keys, and adjust the actuation force of the keys. This allows you to customize your keyboard to your liking and can improve your typing or gaming experience.

Typing Speed: Mechanical keyboards can improve your typing speed. The tactile feedback and precise actuation point of each key allow you to type faster and with greater accuracy. This can be especially useful for gamers who need to perform complex commands quickly or for writers who need to type for extended periods without fatigue.

While many mechanical keyboards are designed for gaming, some can be used just as quickly for typing. In addition to their superior feel, they typically offer a faster response time that can help improve your workflow and overall performance. The best mechanical keyboards will feature quality switches, good keycaps and a sturdy build. Some are even able to deliver a little bit of RGB lighting.

Are mechanical keyboards used very relaxed?


This question has no honest answer, as it depends on how you use your computer. However, if you want a more comfortable way to type, you may want to consider getting a mechanical keyboard. They are quieter than most other keyboards and can help you get a better night’s sleep.

They are also a good option for gamers since they have a lot of features that can help to make the experience more enjoyable, such as RGB lighting and anti-ghosting functionality. This can help reduce the likelihood of keys failing to register when multiple keystrokes are made at once, which can be a common issue for many keyboards.

These keyboards also come with a variety of different layouts and sizes. This can be helpful for a wide range of users, as it will allow everyone to find one that works best for them.

In terms of aesthetics, they can be pretty different from membrane keyboards. This is because the keys on a mechanical keyboard are typically not flat but have some springs and a bit more of a ‘clicky’ feel. This makes them more noticeable than membrane keys, as their clicky noise is often louder.

They can also be more challenging to clean than membrane keyboards. This is because the switches are a bit more challenging to clean than other types. This can disadvantage some people, who may not want to spend too much time cleaning their keyboards.

Mechanical keyboards are also usually more durable than membrane models. Most are rated to withstand more than 5 million key presses; some even go higher, such as Cherry MX Blue switches rated to last 20 to 50 million keystrokes.

It is also important to note that several different types of switches are available for mechanical keyboards. This cannot be very clear to some people, so it is essential to know what each switch type offers before deciding which one to buy.

Tactile: These switches offer a more tactile experience, letting you know the key is pressed correctly. These can also be more responsive than linear switches, so they are a good choice for touch typists who must press several keys simultaneously.

Linear: These switches offer a more consistent level of resistance when you press a key but do not give you as much of a clicky sensation. This is the type of switch most commonly found in modern laptop keyboards, and they can be a good option for gamers who don’t need to press a lot of keys.

There are some downsides to choosing a mechanical keyboard, but most of them are purely personal preferences. You should always try them out before making a purchase, and if you don’t like the sound of their clicky switches, you can opt for silent switches to lower the noise.


Whether mechanical keyboards are worth the hype depends on your personal preferences and needs. If you’re a heavy typist, gamer, or coder who needs a durable and reliable keyboard that can withstand heavy use, a mechanical keyboard is definitely worth investing in. The tactile feedback and customization options can also improve your typing or gaming experience.

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