Maximizing Subscriber QoE: The Crucial Role of Bandwidth Understanding

<strong>Maximizing Subscriber QoE: The Crucial Role of Bandwidth Understanding</strong>

For any network ensuring that the subscriber gets the best experience is important. There are various factors that are considered by the network to improve the Subscriber Quality of Experience (QoE). One of the main factors among these is Bandwidth. Bandwidth plays an important role in improving the subscriber experience. To understand bandwidth better certain protocols like the Internet Protocol Detail Record (IPDR) and broadband subscriber analytics are used by network providers.

In this article, we are going to discuss why understanding bandwidth is important for improving the Subscriber Quality of Experience (QoE). 

What is Quality of Experience (QoE)?

Over the past few years, there has been a growing emphasis on measuring network service delivery from the customer’s perspective, referred to as Quality of Experience (QoE). The aim of QoE is to gauge how users experience the service quality subjectively. This is achieved through a blend of active and passive network traffic monitoring, along with real-time analysis and automation. It goes beyond merely measuring data transport efficiency across the network and instead focuses on analyzing the data transmitted over the network to provide insight into the user’s experience.

By integrating these subjective QoE evaluations with objective QoS metrics, a more comprehensive understanding can be gained regarding how network performance affects customer satisfaction. Nevertheless, this is not the end of the road for this undertaking.

Why do you need to understand Bandwidth in order to improve the Subscriber Quality of Experience (QoE)?

Now that we have established that bandwidth is one of the main factors in improving the subscriber experience, let us now discuss why you need to understand bandwidth better in order to improve the subscriber’s Quality of Experience (QoE).

Although there are many metrics that can be used to measure the subscriber Quality of Experience (QoE) such as customer complaints and churn. But these metrics can be affected by outside influences or problems within the consumer premises. 

With so many factors affecting the subscriber experience, it becomes highly important for network providers to make the necessary changes to make the subscriber experience better. This is why it is important to have a specific metric that can give you the right measure of subscriber Quality of Experience (QoE). Bandwidth usage is thus considered to be one specific metric that can be used to measure the user experience. 

Measuring Bandwidth

Bandwidth usage can be measured accurately and provides you with the right information regarding how your network is performing with the subscribers. Bandwidth usage can be accurately measured with Internal Protocol Detail Record (IPDR). IPDR Collector helps you to better understand the bandwidth usage by individual subscribers. 

The measurement of bandwidth utilization by IPDR includes the utilization of fiber nodes, service groups, Channel sets, and interfaces. This information is helpful to the network providers as they can depend on it to improve their network and enhance the subscriber experience. 

Understanding bandwidth also allows you to understand network congestion. By understanding network congestion, you can know which subscribers are causing the problem and who are getting affected by it. This is again quite helpful in understanding what kind of investment to make to keep the subscribers happy and satisfied.

Network providers benefit quite a lot with all this information at access as they get a clear idea about the problems that their subscribers are facing and what they can do to combat these problems and make the subscriber experience better in order to benefit their network.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, bandwidth is an essential factor for improving the subscriber Quality of Experience (QoE). It plays a crucial role in determining the network performance, and measuring bandwidth usage accurately can help network providers identify network congestion, which subscribers are affected, and how to make necessary changes to enhance the subscriber experience. By understanding bandwidth and its impact on QoE, network providers can make informed decisions and investments that lead to happier and more satisfied subscribers, which in turn benefits their network.

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