What is the Prices of Saffron City Islamabad?

Saffron City


Pakistan’s real estate industry is growing expeditiously, thus, hinting at a more progressive, impeccable, and brighter future ahead. The trust and belief of people in the industry are growing speedily. It is all because, societies like Saffron City Islamabad, are providing a lifestyle that is going to be lucrative, both for the present time and the future. However, the number of facilities, features, and facets that the developers are providing is just at par. Both in the personal and professional capacity. 

In addition to this, what makes Saffron City Islamabad one of the best housing ventures is the fact that it is extremely feasible – despite being the top society. The investors will be on the edge of a more lucrative and high-return future investment. 

Saffron City Islamabad 

The newly-coming, promising and immaculate housing society in Islamabad, Saffron City, is making great waves. The venture is under the great and most skilled management of Malik Tariq Awan. In addition, if we talk about the builders, architects, planners, and engineers of the society – the globally known Saadullah Khan & Brothers (SKB) Builders are constructing the society. From having the world-over experience to creating a more reputable reputation for themselves, SKB builders are a name of great trust.

Furthermore, Saffron City Islamabad offers an exceptional location along with all the major supreme and solid features of the society. Making sure that investors get benefits of all kinds. Moreover, talking about the exceedingly feasible payment plan of society, the investors are in for a great deal. 

SKB Past Projects

Here are some of the past projects that the company has completed successfully. Therefore, the trust and assurance of the investors are skyrocketing this time around too. The Saffron City Islamabad too is getting the deserving hype.

  • Sabakzai Dam, Pakistan
  • Metrobus Transit Lahore
  • PAF Shahbaz Airbase, Pakistan
  • Work trade Complex Turkmenistan
  • Multan International Highway
  • Motorway M1 Islamabad to Peshawar
  • Kashmir Highway

Impeccable Qualities

On the topic of Saffron City giving first-class and magnificent features and facilities to society, we must talk about the perfect blend of personal and professional lavishness. Whether it is all the basic facilities that are the needs of everyone’s daily routine or the advanced facets. Society fulfills all of them.

Easy Payment Plan

Here’s the easiest payment plan of the most trusted Saffron City Islamabad, making sure that people from all social classes, economical backgrounds, and mindsets can afford and want to invest. It’s all about looking at the future with a more novel approach and mindset. Investing today considering the feasible payment plan, to relish today’s facilities and tomorrow’s safety. That’s what Saffron City stands for.

Moreover, Saffron City is offering 5 and 10 Marla along with 1 Kanal. Here’s the easy Saffron City payment plan;

  • 5 Marla costs 2,550,000 in total along with just 255,000 as the down payment. However, the monthly instalment is 29,750. 
  • The total price for 10 Marla is just 4,500,000. The booking price, however, is 450,000 and the monthly instalment is 52,550.
  • 1 Kanal costs 8,500,000 while the down payment is just 850,000. Apart from that, the monthly instalment is 99,167 for the plot. 

The above-mentioned payment plan was for the residential block. It is also pertinent to mention that the payment plan will spread over 3 years in terms of the instalment plan.

Benefits of an Easy Payment Plan

There is a plethora of benefits that an easy payment plan brings with it. Whether it is about getting people from all social backgrounds into consideration or just the fact that the real estate industry will thrive in general, the factor does it all. Moreover, the entire idea of a high-end lifestyle is also about making it accessible to all people. So, they can dream a house/property without too much hustle and constant worries. That’s precisely why the economical and easy payment plan matters. Making the see-able dream as easy as possible for all kinds of investors.

Furthermore, Saffron City Islamabad is what will be the best option as the developers as always are trying their best to cater to people of all kinds. Investors who can dream and make it a reality in their very housing society. 


Saffron City is soon going to become one of the biggest housing societies in Pakistan. Moreover, considering the incredible chances of being incredibly lucrative, Saffron City is the best option. Whether it is the perfect personal and professional life balance, high-end facilities, world-class facets, one of the dreamiest and ideal locations or a seamless payment plan, the venture offers it all. It is quite high time to make a wise and more thorough decision before the prices go up considering the huge hype in the real estate market. In addition, we also recommend doing your prior research before investing as it will be barring any kind of future issues or inconveniences. 

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