Tips & Tricks on How to Incorporate Marble Countertops into Your Kitchen Design

Marble countertops have been a very popular choice for kitchen design. This native stone lends refinement and beauty to any kitchen. Additionally, it is durable and resists heat and scratches, making it a practical option for a surface used daily. Here are some ways to make marble countertops look great in your kitchen.

Choose a Right Marble

Selecting the right stone for your marble countertop is the first step. Marble is available in many different colors and patterns. This makes choosing a marble type that compliments your kitchen’s overall design important. It is popular to use white marble in kitchens. However, you can also choose black, grey, or green marble. Be aware of the veining or pattern in the marble and the finish. This can range from polished to rough to leather.

Mixing and Matching Materials

Marble is a timeless material that looks great but can also be costly. Suppose you want to maximize your investment; mix and match marble with other materials. For example, marble countertops could be paired up with wood cabinets and a tile backsplash, or marble could be used as an accent for a kitchen island or a backsplash. Mixing and matching materials will not only add visual interest but will also balance out the price of marble.

Think about the Size and Shape of Your Countertops

If you want to incorporate marble countertops into your kitchen design, you must consider the size of your countertops. Marble slabs come in a variety of sizes. Therefore, you will need a number of slabs to cover your countertops. Because custom shapes can cost more than standard ones, it’s important to think about the shape and size of your countertops. Work closely with your contractor to determine which size and shape countertop is best for you based on your budget and design goals.

Choose the Right Edge Profile

How your marble countertops are edged can affect your kitchen’s look and feel. You can choose from many different edge profiles: bullnose, bevelled, or ogee. Each edge profile comes in its own style and can be used for a specific look within your kitchen. When choosing the edge profile of your marble countertops, remember to take into account the overall design aesthetic.

Think About Lighting

Your marble countertops can look great with the right lighting. Your marble countertops will look dull and lifeless in a poorly lit kitchen. A well-lit kitchen will make your marble countertops look vibrant and beautiful. For marble countertops to look their best, it is important to consider natural and artificial lighting when designing your new kitchen.

Choose the Right Backsplash

The Backsplash is an important component of any kitchen design. It can have a major impact on how your marble countertops look. You should choose a material to complement the marble colour and pattern. You can match a classic white marble countertop with a subway tile backsplash in another colour.

Maintain and Take Care

Marble countertops are durable and can withstand heat and scratches. They do, however, require some maintenance. Marble countertops are porous, so they can stain and etch. Avoid acidic cleaners and clean up spills immediately.

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