What’s Are the Benefits of Using a Root Touch up Powder Apart From Covering the Grays?

Perfect hair is every woman’s desire, to be able to flip their hair and change sides. However, it costs a lot of time and money to achieve this. To get proper treatment, you have to visit the salon. Aside from it being expensive, it takes valuable time, which could be diverted to other areas of our daily lives.

Root touch up powder comes to play a significant role here. It comes in different forms: root powder, root cover spray, or a root concealer pen. By using root hair touch ups, it camouflages the grays. They help to blend the colors, creating the desired color. Hair stylists can perform root touch ups in minutes.

The roots of the hair are where the hair starts to grow. The roots of the hair would be the first place to notice grays. Root touch up is done on an average of four to six weeks to prevent dull and gray hairs.

The average working-class woman has little time to spare and constantly has a lot on her mind. She thinks 24/7, she has to get up early for work, and at times like this, the salons are not open and are usually expensive. Root touch up is the best solution for the situation. Root powder saves her the worries of how to get her hair made in such a short period.

Applying root powder doesn’t only maintain the hair color for a more extended period but it also takes less of her time. She can save hours spent in the salon and be put to better use for other essential things.

When applying root cover up, using a color close to the original is often essential. This advice can prevent line demarcation of different hair colors from meeting each other. It is important to apply root touch ups on dry hair. It yields a better result if the hair has been washed for at least 24 hours before the touch up is applied.

What Is a Root Touch Up?

Root touch ups can be explained as the applying of hair color, and it is applying hair color to the new roots to create a perfect blend. It is called hot roots amongst hair stylists.

Hair professionals use the term hot root to describe or explain the application of root hair color.

Root touch up is majorly done in areas of the head where new hair grows. The use of root touch ups by people is to achieve a well-synchronized hair color.

This product helps save money, offering a more reliable option than visiting the salon for the complete hair dye treatment. It reduces the chemicals that constantly get in the hair roots in full hair dye, allowing new healthy hair to regrow.

People often have root covers up to disguise gray hair color. Root touch up is a continuous process, as it would need to be re-done or repeated after a few weeks to maintain the hair color—the main reason is the natural hair color growing over time.

Root touch up is a stress-less way of covering up the hair roots. It prolongs the existing nature of the hair, and it’s a practical choice for people with a tight schedule. It is a reliable choice and can be made anywhere comfortable; another benefit would be reducing hair thinning.

Root touch up powder is easy to use and effective. Although it is only a temporary solution and can be washed off properly with shampoo, it is preferred since a change of color could be done at any time.

Gray hair touch up is covering or disguising the gray hairs in a different color. It is best to hide gray hairs with colors or shades such as caramel blonde, soft blonde, light Cooper, and mushroom brown. Colors like this help maintain gray hairs rather than shaving them off.

Root powder and root sprays work close similarity. Root powder or spray is a simpler way of covering grays than permanent dyes. The application of root powder is less complicated. It can be applied with a brush over the grays until they are no longer visible to the common eye. It has a similar process with root spray and washes out over time.

Root sprays act like paste; when applied, they absorb the excess oils in the hair roots. The quickest way to cover gray hair roots is by using temporary root concealer sprays. Root concealer sprays are quick-dry, camouflaging gray roots in a few seconds. It leaves no sticky residue once it dries up.

Root touch up for blonde is done by bleaching the hair, and it is done to achieve lightened hair. The next step would be the application of a toner whose purpose is to neutralize the tone of the bleach. We assume the only benefit of root touch ups is covering gray hair, and it goes beyond that. Below we will discuss the benefits of root touch ups apart from covering grays. 

Below are ways of applying root touch up powder;

  • Locate the area you want to touch up.
  • Mix the product properly.
  • Cover other areas of the hair that are not meant to be touched.
  • Rub on the area with the power using a brush.
  • Do not focus the powder on one point.
  • Blend the powder gently.
  • Blend in with a brush or hand.

The Benefits of Using Root Touch Up Powder Apart From Covering Greys

Root touch up powder can be used in multiple ways, and its main objective is to disguise the grown-out hair that has become visible over time.

Root touch up is a good way of prolonging the hair color; it is an easy method of maintaining the hair and can be performed at home and in the salon.

There are numerous types of root touch ups,  which are:

  • Powder
  • Sprays
  • Concealer pens

The most popular one is the spray and powder. It is a widely preferred method.

One of the significant benefits of root touch up is that it helps cover dull, fading, and even gray hair color; it has numerous other benefits, which we will look into below.

  1. 1.   It Is Very Affordable

Root touch up powder helps to save a lot of money; with hair roots touch up powder, you are sure to go a minimum of a month before it is time to be re-done. Due to their low price, they can easily be purchased online or in stores by people who require them. Anyone can make it with previous knowledge, requiring no heavy skills. It protects the hair from harmful chemicals found in hair dyes

  • 2.   It Takes Little Time

Applying root touch up powder takes little time. The entire process takes less than an hour. After a few minutes, you can go with the newly lightened hair roots. It’s known that root touch up powder takes very little time to apply, and it saves the stress of going to the salon. It can be applied at home since it requires little time, and it can be done during your leisure.

  • 3.   It Strengthens the Hair

Another significant benefit of root touch ups would be allowing healthy hair to grow out after the application of root touch up powder is made. It holds fewer chemicals than full hair dye, so it doesn’t hinder the rate of hair growth. The dull hair is covered for a time til new healthy hair roots grow out. Further producing strong, healthy hair in the long run.

  • 4.   Good for Hair Growth

Root touch ups do not cause harm to the hair, thereby allowing new healthy hair to grow out, unlike dyes which contain chemicals that could affect the rate of hair growth. It is a safe and effective method and does not come with the risk of hair loss.

  • 5.   It Hides and Camouflages New Hair Growth

Root touch ups camouflage new hair growths and prevent them from being seen quickly, and they can change the gray hair color to the desired or preferred color. It can brighten your looks, giving you a lightened, brighter hair color and a fresh start.

  • 6.   It Gives a Good Blend

The right color of a Root touch up gives a perfect blend. Giving the hair a unique and natural color. It gives the hair a lightened appearance.


Choosing a root touch up is more beneficial than hair dyes and is an excellent temporary solution to hair problems. Though it lasts for a few weeks, it’s cost-effective. It is safe as it guarantees no damage to the roots. It can also be washed off whenever desiring a brighter, more elegant color.

Hair professionals have the tools, equipment, and skills to help maintain the hair’s color and texture. If you are looking for a costless, efficient option, root touch up is your solution.

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