Tips for Finding the Right Substance Abuse Treatment Plan

Did you know that 2.702 million people, or 1% of the U.S. population at least 12 years old, have an opioid use disorder?

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services adds that, among other things, 9.7 million, or 96.6% of opioid abusers, use prescription pain relievers.

If you have a substance abuse issue, where can you go for help?

Continue reading for a look at how to find the right substance abuse treatment plan.

Start by Identifying What You Need

The first step is to know when you need help and to identify what your problem is. When the time comes to talk to staff members at some treatment centers, you’ll want to be an open book. Otherwise, how will you get the help you need?

Don’t be afraid to ask people you’re close to for input. Sometimes family or friends will notice things about your issues that you might easily overlook.

Do Your Research

Before choosing a drug treatment center, you need to do your homework. One rehab program isn’t necessarily as good as another. And some service providers will have more experience dealing with specific substance abuse problems.

While it can’t hurt to check out online reviews from patients who’ve been treated by drug treatment centers in the area, you need to dig further.

Ask service providers about their specific treatment programs, the medical professionals they have on staff, and their licenses and certifications.

You want to find a service provider offering suitable drug treatment options. That’ll give you the best chance of a full recovery.

Ask Questions

Book a consultation when you find a treatment center that looks like a good fit. You’ll want to speak to staff at the company, specifically the medical professionals who’ll be treating you.

Ensure you bring some questions you’ve jotted down. Asking questions off the top of your head will all but guarantee that you forget to ask vital questions.

Pay attention to the answers. Do they give you the information you need or do they leave you with more questions than answers?

Consider asking questions such as the following to get the information you need to make an intelligent decision:

  • Do you have experience treating drug addiction issues like mine?
  • How will you create a program to target my specific needs?
  • How will you assess my progress?
  • How long will my treatment program last?
  • Do you have measures to manage my care after the rehab program?
  • Will you provide tips for preventing relapse?
  • Will my program require that I remain onsite?

Get the Right Substance Abuse Treatment Plan For You

Finding a service provider to help you beat your substance abuse addiction is paramount. It will develop a plan customized to your needs.

While time is of the essence when seeking help for substance abuse issues, you should spend some time finding the right substance abuse treatment plan.

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