Sherry Dyson’s life

Sherry Dyson is a successful person. Sherry Dyson became famous as her husband, Chris Gardner, despite being good at math. She also serves as a Motivational Speaker.


Sherry Dyson was born in Virginia. He lives permanently in the United States. There he started working as a professional accountant. So he’s a successful businessman. His work has inspired many people. The 21st century and the 21st century bring success and many problems in life. However, he continued his career. He focused on the situation. He did his best to become a mathematician. I teach many children in school. He also teaches math to college students. Then they decided to get married.


Cherie’s parents died when she was young. After that, his relatives took care of him. Around that time he started attending school. Sherry gave birth to a son named Christopher Jarrett in 1981. Before that, her husband, Chris, was the family gardener. In 1977 she married Chris Gardner. This guy is everything.


He was a successful man, but his life was not happy. He is torn apart by his family. Sherry and Chris divorced after nine years of marriage. His family life was full of conflict and Chris Gardner was involved in several relationships during that time. Cherry can’t do anything because of the kids, but later the gardener leaves his wife. I work as a student. As a result, Sherry Dyson’s family life comes to a halt and Chris Gardner finds a new life with another woman. However, Sherry is still single. This is not good for Cheri’s life.

Sherry Dyson and Chris Gardner are experiencing conflict in their relationship and realize that conflict can destroy their relationship. These conflicts lead to Chris and Cherie’s breakup. He had been waiting for this opportunity. As a result, Sherry broke up with Chris after a difficult experience in her marriage.

Sherry is still a strong woman. 

Even after her divorce, she continued to work. However, his work did not gain much recognition until Chris Gardner wrote The Pursuit of Happiness, a book about the lives of Sherry and Chris. This book is primarily about motivation. We will introduce you to many inspirational people. Chris Gardner writes about his success in this book. This successful process can inspire you.

Dyson’s relationship with Chris Gardner broke up. 

Partially due to Gardner’s decision to leave the sanitarium and personality differences. Sherry disagrees with Chris’ decision. Sherry Dyson and Chris Gardner have no children to leave the Gardner Nursing Home.

Chris Gardner was living with Sherry when he fell in love with dental student Jackie Medina. Within a few months, she was pregnant.

On January 28, 1981, Jackie Medina married Chris Gardner (b.).

After three years of her marriage, Sherry leaves to live with Jackie to be her father. Gardner married Cherie after they had children. But she lives with Jackie.

Cheri and Chris divorced in 1986 after nine years of marriage.

What happened to Sherry Dyson after her divorce?

Divorced from her husband Cherry of 14 years, she died on April 7, 2000, at the age of 50.

Less known is Sherry Dyson through her films and book The Pursuit of Happiness.

If you want to know the relationship between Sherry Dyson and Chris Gardner, I recommend watching the movie. Check out Amazon Prime, the pursuit of happiness (link below).

So you may be interested in the life of Shelley Davison, who is married to her husband Chris Gardner, a brilliant mathematician. Those who have seen the movie The Pursuit of Happiness may notice him alongside the main character, Chris Gardner (Sherry Dyson’s husband).

Shelley Davison has faced many challenges throughout her life. But he loves his job. 

Focused on himself, he excelled in his field, and he worked as a mathematician. Shelley Davison, best known as the ex-wife of Chris Gardner, made a name for herself as a mathematician by teaching many students at various colleges and schools.

Sherry Davison Bag – Insight

He was born on May 1, 1959, in Richmond. Virginia was raised in a middle-class household with working-class parents, good manners, and morals. His father B.E. performed funerals and acted as a doctor. his mother was educated. As a result, his mother inspired him to pursue a career in teaching and mathematics. From his early childhood until college, he lived in the same house as his family.


He completed his primary education in his native village. Cherry received his master’s degree from the University of Michigan. He then attended Morgan State University, majoring in mathematics. Because he is very interested in mathematics and wants to pursue his passion for teaching.

native background

Sherry was born and raised in a humble family. His father was a doctor and his mother was a schoolteacher. So his mother put a lot of pressure on him. As a child, he suffered a terrible tragedy. Unfortunately, he lost his parents in a terrible accident caused by human error.

race and citizenship

Sherry’s nationality is American and black. She is also of African American descent.


As for the Cherry brothers, he did not reveal any details. However, she seems to be the only child of her parents as she keeps her personal life very private about her siblings.

Private Life – A Journey Worth Reading

Shelly has had a life full of ups and downs and crises. She epitomizes a strong woman despite losing her parents at a young age. She has lived her life well and is a great inspiration to people today.

attractive appearance

Here’s a chart of what I know about Chris Gardner’s ex-wife, Shelly Davison.

sherry’s husband

Shelley Davison and Chris became friends as undergraduates at Harvard in the 1970s. They met while watching a movie together. Then we packed up and moved to another city. They talked on the phone for hours every night until they ran out into the street. After the last round, the phone is $900 each time. “Sheri Davison inspired me to write her autobiography,” Garner said.

Shelley lived with her husband for almost nine years and she married Chris Gardner in 1977. Chris’ navy mate Leon Webb appeared as best man at the wedding in Davison, Va. Southern Reception on site. A two-story building. Decorate your special day with precious wall art and fireworks. The motivational speaker used a loan to purchase a $900 diamond wedding ring for his ex-wife Sherry.

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