Images VS Videos: Which Ad Format is Best for Facebook

Survey results show that 67% of marketers consider Facebook the main social media for promoting their business. However, Meta Business emphasizes that content posted organically on Facebook pages only reaches about 16% of fans. That is why many companies and brands advertise on Facebook, as it not only generates potential customers but also helps them reach a larger market.

Advertex is a digital marketing agency from UAE that provides Google advertising, RTB, software development for marketing automation and social media management, etc. In addition, the company helps to attract more customers and increase sales using digital marketing and social media. We have been successfully working in the global market of online advertising and digital marketing for more than 8 years.

How to make an advertisement memorable and choose the right format for it?

Explore what format marketers prefer. According to research, 52% of marketers use videos more than images. As you can see, the difference is not significant.

However, further responses from respondents indicated that:

  • For almost 59% of marketers, the video format provided more interaction with the audience;
  • about 30% of experts believe that images attract more attention;
  • approximately 11% said they did not see a difference between using these formats.

It would seem: if a video is a more effective advertising format, why do marketers rarely use it? There are several myths about video content.

  • Creating high-quality videos requires special tools, knowledge, and skills.
  • The video format is long enough that users may not watch it until the end.
  • Creating promotional video content requires more money and time.

It really depends on your marketing strategy and goal. Marketers claim that when testing their ads separately, the video delivered a 47% increase in click-through rate (CTR). In addition, more than half of the users surveyed said they want to see more video content from their favorite brands and companies. This only confirms that video as an advertising format for Facebook will continue to gain momentum.

Creating Effective Facebook Video Ads

Define your goals and objectives to tailor ads. Facebook allows you to further specify the purpose of your ad (for example, increase website clicks, increase awareness of a product or service, motivate users to install an app, etc.).

Create compelling content that grabs attention. Your commercial should be short (up to 30 seconds) and informative. Use your time wisely – make sure the video is memorable and explains to potential customers what makes your company special and why they should choose you.

Use clear calls to action at the end of the video. Your commercial should motivate potential customers to reach the end goal: buy a product, order a service, or subscribe to newsletters.

Set up targeting options. This will save you time, money, and effort that could otherwise be wasted showing ads to uninterested users.

Choose a square shape for your ads. This will maximize the amount of information, and viewers can read it completely.

Use sound effects. This will make your videos more memorable. You can use both original audios and free ones, but make sure they match your target audience, brand image, and other visual elements.

Check your ads for accuracy and relevance. Experiment with ad text, headlines, keywords used in targeting, etc.

Finding out if Facebook ads based on images are effective

The fashion for using images in advertising has passed, but the effectiveness of this format has remained at the same high level. Along with offers/promotions, images are the main type of content that encourages people to click through on social media. Images are likely to influence 25% of people to visit a website from social media.

That is why we still meet companies that use only images to advertise their products or services. This marketing strategy is followed, for example, by large grocery and construction stores, which, due to the huge number of products, do not have the opportunity, time, and resources to shoot promotional videos.


As you can see, video is a more effective advertising format for Facebook than images, but the use of the latter is no less effective. The success of an advertising campaign will depend on the awareness of your target audience and the definition of final goals.

You will definitely not go wrong with either the video or the image if you can think over the concept and form of your ad correctly.

The world does not stand still and every day new technologies appear and the possibilities of existing ones expand. On an ongoing basis, Advertex specialists research the market and analyze new tools and new features of proven tools, selecting the best ones for implementing marketing strategies and promoting client projects.

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