6 Baby Products That Adults Can Use Too – Whether You’re a Parent or Not

Baby Products

If you are already a parent, you likely noticed as you were taking care of your infant or young toddler that many of the products that were marketed specifically for babies served double duty around your household, some you may still use today even if your kids are teens or you’re an empty nester. Even if you don’t have children, you may be surprised to learn how many baby products can benefit you for their gentleness and multitasking capabilities. Keep reading to learn more about the best baby products to buy, even though you’re a grown-up. 

Baby Wipes 

You can spend a small fortune on wipes of all kinds these days. They’re overpriced, and what you’re mostly paying for is their convenience. From wipes for your kitchen counter, makeup removing wipes, or even getting spills and stains off a baby play mat or floor. But most of those wipes are filled with chemicals you may not want in your home and come with a much higher price tag than a package of baby wipes. 

Baby Detergent 

You don’t have to have sensitive skin or sensitivity to chemicals in general to appreciate the difference between conventional laundry detergent and baby detergent. Of course, the baby detergent will be made with fewer additives and less harmful ingredients that benefit our health, but they also smell heavenly. Have you ever smelled a baby? Sure, part of it has to do with that “new baby smell” they’re born with, but a lot of it is the natural scents used in baby detergent, lotions, and shampoos. Ditch the traditional and toxic laundry detergent and opt for an all-natural baby detergent instead. 

Baby Powder 

There’s a good chance you grew up in a home with baby powder in the bathroom, but that trend fell out of favor over the last couple of decades. Start picking up baby powder on your Target and grocery store runs because adults can reap some serious benefits. From cooling your sheets in the summer, dry shampooing your hair, absorbing grease on your clothing, and even using it on the same sensitive areas we do for babies during humid weather, baby powder has countless uses of which to take advantage of. 

Baby Oil 

The skincare industry is booming like never before, with innovative advancements allowing adults to get spa-level treatments from their homes. But you know the saying, “if it ain’t broke…” When it comes to achieving supple skin, you can pay upwards of $100 for body oil or opt for a $7 bottle of baby oil instead. Baby oil is phenomenal at keeping your skin soft and hydrated, to be sure, but other uses include cleaning stainless steel safely, cleaning your shower, polishing leather, and getting scratches out of plastic. 

Baby Shampoo 

Baby shampoo can be a game-changer if you’re a professional with a dress code that includes many delicate items. Baby shampoo is excellent for washing delicate items like cashmere. It also can be a tear-free option for removing stubborn eye makeup and cleaning your makeup brushes. And, while it won’t hydrate your locks the way your usual shampoo will if you find yourself in the shower and realize you ran out of shampoo, you can use it to wash your hair in a bind. 

Nipple Balm 

Last on the list is nipple balm, which, if you have never nursed a baby, might have you giggling a little bit, but after you use it, nipple balm will become a mainstay in your medicine cabinet. Nipple balm works better than any chapstick to heal dry or cracked lips in winter; it’s excellent for rough heels, elbows and hands, and any other chapped skin. The best part? If it’s safe enough to use in an area where babies will put their mouths, it’s one of the most non-toxic items you can include in your makeup bag. 

Other baby items are useful to adults, of course, like diaper cream for razor burn and gripe water if you suffer frequent bloating, but the above items are all worthy of picking up the next time you’re near a baby aisle in the grocery store or pharmacy. We promise you’ll never return to the “grown-up” version after trying these.

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