5 Easy & Cheap Home Renovation Ideas For Big Houses

Home Renovation

Being a creative homeowner is never easy! You spend most of your days looking for the best ways to amplify your abode’s appeal. But sadly, most people often misunderstand home renovation as ‘too expensive.’

But what if we told you that home renovations could be accessible and affordable? Yes, it’s true and possible. So continue reading as we guide you through five of the most accessible and affordable home renovation techniques in this blog.

Affordable & Easy Home Renovation Ideas To Raise The Mood

#1 Freshen up the walls

The walls of our home make up most of our living space. They are the most common sight that stays in our minds consciously and subconsciously. So what better than starting with them first?

A few cans of paint and a little elbow work can significantly impact if your walls have discolored paint, scratches, or simply an outdated hue. Here, you wouldn’t need professional assistance (unless you opt for patterns that require tools). 

However, while at it, choose a neutral color scheme that adds to your property and amplifies the interior. This way, you’ll add to your property’s value to an extent. 

#2 Any kitchen update adds equally!

Much like the walls, it’s the kitchen that you end up visiting every day. So for the next renovation idea, try revamping your kitchen. However, it doesn’t have to be something like buying costly equipment or a fancy dinner set. 

Adding minor updates to your kitchen can also go a long way in adding a fresh appeal to your abode and adding to its value. So start by replacing one thing at a time, like an outdated microwave or a soiled sink, with gleaming new stainless models. 

Or, you could also target the furniture and fixtures (if any). Like what we did to the walls, refreshing their colors or changing the panels could add a fresh vibe to your cooking space. 

#3 Update the fixtures

Next, we suggest going for the fixtures we come in contact with daily, making them dull. Some examples of such items include curtain rods, light fixtures, switch plates, outlet covers, and doorknobs that fade with time.

You could swap these boring, outdated fixtures for just a few dollars with something more beautiful, like metal switch plates or outlet covers. Or, you could also target light fixtures and ornate curtain rods to make them look more high-end. 

While you might need professional services for these replacements, using spray paint occasionally can also transform your fixtures into something classy.

#4 Put down a fresh bead of bathroom caulk

Being a homeowner, we’re sure you’ve seen the concerning indications of old caulk. It all began with the dark hue around the edges. Now that once the smooth layer has become brittle and broken. 

While it might seem normal, beware! Such weak bathroom caulk could give way to persistent mildew colonies to establish themselves or for water to seep the setting and dampen the wallboard and frame. So instead of taking losses in the long run, adding a sense of freshness to your abode using a bathroom caulk is better.

Remember, anything with a weak caulk covering can damage property. So it must be covered, whether it’s the covering in your shower stall, the area surrounding your sink, or the space between a tub and its surrounding tile. 

#5 Upgrade your landscaping

Concluding our list of easy and cheap home renovations is your landscape. Yes, it doesn’t always have to be the interior of your abode. But, sometimes, fixing what your house appears on the outside can go a long way in its renovation. 

Do you walk home to a blank, empty driveway with nothing but grass? If that’s the case, adding plants and flowers to your home’s exterior can make it look much more cheerful. Place beautiful plants in front of it or along paths to add a vibe to your abode. 

You can choose options like perennial plants, which return yearly to get started. Or you could also fill any bald places with fresh sod (or plant grass seed if you have time). Lastly, don’t forget to trim existing trees and plants while at it.

The Bottom Line

This brings us to the end of our list of the top easy and cheap home renovation ideas for your abode. So now that you know, it’s evident that updating your home has nothing to do with huge bills or involving a contractor. 

Besides, if you’re a smart homeowner, you can also put your crypto earnings to use. For instance, you could use platforms like CoinGate to purchase Home Depot gift cards and buy home improvement items at little to no extra cost. Remember, it’s about the small details that matter. All the best! 

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