Solar-powered Watches

Here at House of Watches we have many different collections of watches, our solar powered watch collection is probably one of our best. When it comes to understanding what solar powered means, we’re here to explain everything and help you on your way to purchasing your first solar powered watch.

Surprisingly enough, solar powered watches have been around since the 1970s. This technology isn’t new technology but it is however, growing in popularity due to its sustainability and eco-friendly elements making the solar powered watch one of the most environmentally friendly watch choices on the market.

It may sound simple but how solar powered watches work is truly unique to any other watch movement. Using a solar cell to generate power, light is absorbed by the cell and converted into electricity. Once this light source has been converted into energy, it is passed through to the rechargeable battery.

The usual movement for a solar powered watch is a quartz movement. Quartz watches operate by battery or cell and the watch will run until either the battery or cell run out. A good battery will normally last in your timepiece for a good year, if not longer. Quartz movements are also normally favoured as they are normally 99-100% accurate.

The average battery life for a solar powered timepiece is roughly around 10 years. To run out of power the watch would need to be left in a dark environment for a long period of time to cause the power reserve to give in. Power reserves are a crucial part of solar powered watches, without that once the watch had been in the dark for too long, it would instantly stop working.

As solar powered watches aren’t like other watches, unless they are kept in complete darkness for long periods of time, they can be some of the most accurate and reliable types of watches on the market. Due to the watch continuing to run when in daylight means the time doesn’t drop out.

Even though these watches are extremely reliable they start at a much lower price point than that of other watches so they are perfect for those who are looking for a quality watch at a much lower price point. However, there are still some luxury solar powered timepieces available to purchase here at House of Watches.

Some of the best brands for the most up to date, high tech solar powered watches has to be from Casio, Citizen and Seiko. With their solar powered watch collections being slightly larger than many other brands on the market, it would be silly not to check our selections of these brands before looking elsewhere.

Discover our latest selection of solar powered watches available to purchase from your favourite brands like Casio, Citizen, Seiko and many more here at House of Watches. We have the best selection of solar powered watches for you to purchase so it’s never been easier to find your perfect solar powered watch than right here. Shop online now and find free delivery on orders over £65 and finance options available.

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