10 Useful Tips For Beginners Going For Motorcycle Long Trip


Are you planning your first-ever motorcycle long road trip? Have you made all the preparations for your upcoming ride across a long set of distances? If not, then we are here to assist you in terms of knowing the useful tips for your long-riding experience ahead.

Here in this blog, you will get to know useful ways to make your first long-riding experience safe, comfortable, and convenient to an optimum extent.

10 Tips to Start your Long Bike Riding as a Beginner

1. Choose the Right Choice of Motorcycle

The first and foremost thing you need to do is decide on your motorcycle appropriately before making all the preparations. You must select a comfortable ride for your upcoming long travel experience to prevent any sort of hassle. In case, you do not have a two-wheeler at present, then start looking for your options and look forward to buy online bike of your preference.

Specifically for long-riding pleasure, you have the option of laying hands on a cruiser, adventure, or any other heavily loaded motorcycle to seamlessly travel lengthy distances with ease. The best recommendation is to ride a high-ground clearance equipped adventure motorcycle to cross the most difficult pathways and uneven roads with ease and comfort.

2. Wear Proper Gear while Riding

For heading towards a long-distance ride, you ought to wear proper riding gear that must provide you with the optimum level of safety and protection. You must wear proper riding boots, a riding jacket with gloves, robust yet comfortable riding pants along with a certified helmet and eyeglasses. All such accessories are required to stay safe while riding towards a distinctive set of areas and prevent injury while meeting an unexpected fall or an accident.

Another thing to keep in mind is wearing loosely fitted riding clothes to easily breathe fresh air inside the body and stay on the comfortable side. Wearing too-tight riding clothes will make you feel uncomfortable while riding even for a short distance. Therefore, it is essential to put on easily breathable clothing to stay stress-free.

3. Pack within the Limit

The marketplace is readily available with different varieties of motorcycle luggage options that you can select and carry for your long-riding trip. You have the option of adding a tank bag, tail bag, and a rucksack to make your ride fully endowed with all the required things. However, the useful tip here is to pack accordingly to make your ride light and comfortable for a long. It is always recommended to pack light with having one or two bags on the motorcycle to prevent a heavy load on the ride. Doing this will help you easily ride ascent on the rocky hill and cover more alleviation with ease.

For packing light, you must create a list of essentials to carry and pack accordingly. For instance, you must carry a few clothes, extra footwear, toiletries, a few snacks, a jacket, a rain cover, a camera cover, and other things. Apart from this, you should not pay much concern to extra pairs of clothing, portable speakers, and other irrelevant things. So, the purpose here is to make you ride light yet comfortable to cover a great deal of distance.

4. Stay Hydrated During the Ride

Being a first-time long-ride motorcycle rider, you ought to understand the relevance of staying hydrated during travel. It is essential to drink enough water while traveling for a long distance and stay healthy. It is because of riding for hours in the broad day sunlight that your body tends to lose more liquid compared to a normal day. Therefore, you must carry a hydration bag that features a water bag that you can hang on your shoulder and the pipe attached will help you sip the required amount of water. Not only this, you can add glucose to your hydration bag and even carry extra water bottles to drink some water whenever you stop for a break.

5. Take Frequent Breaks for Resting

It is another useful tip on the part of new riders looking forward to covering lengthy distances is to take regular breaks to stay take necessary rest. Although most riders do not pay much attention to riding breaks due to the requirement of reaching a particular destination well on time. However, it does not work while heading towards a far distance on your motorcycle. You need to have frequent breaks to give your back, shoulder, hands, and legs a bit of rest along with grabbing the required energy to travel further with ease. Even during your break, you must drink enough water and eat something light to get ready for the further travel ahead.

6. Do Know your Long Route

Not even experienced riders who have already traveled thousands of kilometers on their motorcycle know all the riding routes. Even such riders count on Google Maps and other offline maps to know their way and reach a particular destination on time. So, even for a new rider like you, it is essential to have an idea of the riding route you will be going through. For this purpose, you should be having the maps offline or online ready with you. Even during the no-network zone, you must refer to the physical map or create your route in advance to reach the specific destination without fail. Moreover, you can ask the local people about specific routes and ways to prevent being lost at a new place.

7. Eat Light During Travel

Water or any liquid you can drink in enough quantity during your long-riding experience. However, always eat something light and in small portions while riding. It is because of the fact heavy eating can make you feel dizzy or sleepy while riding on the highway or even across the off-road riding path. And it will a dangerous affair for you to ride in such a sleepy condition. Therefore, it is required on your part to eat light whenever you take small breaks and continue your ride in a hassle-free manner. Also, you can carry some ready-to-eat snacks in your bag and stop the bike in between to have something sweet or salty.

8. Stay Motivated to Ride Long

Another crucial tip to experience a long comfortable riding pleasure is staying motivated to travel for a long. It is important to feel the energy of solo riding across long distances and be passionate about exploring new regions. You must enjoy every phase of your ride while covering mountains, plains, and even off-road riding pathways. There should not be any dull moment during riding and you have to stay focused on the road while capturing your special riding movement from your action camera.

9. Prepare for Different Weather Conditions

One of the key lessons that you must learn while heading towards far-off destinations for riding is getting accustomed to different weather conditions. Despite checking the upcoming weather condition, still you do not know about the weather in the mountains. There might be some instances of unexpected rain or snowfall. Thus, you have to prepare in advance by covering your luggage using a rain cover and wearing a rain jacket or even a woolen one to stay dry while riding in wet weather conditions.

10. Do Carry the Necessary Tools for Repair

Last but not the least, do not comprise your long ride with an expected motorcycle breakdown or even a puncture. To fix the issue, you must be having the right toolkit with you and even know how to use the same. So, before acting as the rider, you must be knowing the basic repair skill to fix the issue at any point in time. It will help you continue the ride during any weather or road condition and reach your destination well on time.

Concluding Thoughts

Get set for an upcoming long-riding experience for the first time in life and create memories of a lifetime. But before that be prepared with all the necessary tips and tricks to stay on the safe ride and experience a seamless riding pleasure. Also, make sure to buy spare parts online and replace the same in your motorcycle to stay on the safe side. And for the purpose itself, get access to the eShop Hero Motocorp platform online for buying original spare parts and motorcycle accessories.

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