Technology Trends For Auto Transport Companies

There is an increasing trend of people needing auto transport services in the region. Part of this is due to the rise in people relocating to other parts of the country and buying and selling their vehicles online.

Vehicle Transport Logistics Changes

One of the major changes causing relocations away from the New Jersey and New York areas are retirements and job relocations. Because of this, vehicle shipping requests are at an all-time high. New Jersey was the top state for outbound relocations in 2021, and New York was not far behind and in the top ten states of outbound moves. With the increase in demand, auto shipping transport companies must do everything they can to reduce costs, increase efficiency and provide the best door-to-door customer service. This is where modern technology has begun to lead to major changes in business.

Since professional New Jersey car shipping movers often pick up vehicles directly from a customer’s home and drop it off at whatever address is on the order form, whether it’s a residence, college, or business address, GPS location systems have become a critical tool in increasing efficiency. GPS technology has ensured drivers can quickly access the exact coordinates of the drop-off location and get the best route there, reducing driver errors and concerns about getting the vehicle to the correct location. Proper routing can save drivers hundreds of dollars a week in gas and expenses.

Modern Technology and Transporting Vehicles

With the use of today’s GPS technology, vehicle transport companies also increase a company’s capability to get their customers’ vehicles to their new locations in a timely manner, with few worries about getting caught up in unexpected road hazards and construction. Since GPS has up-to-the-minute data on road conditions, this has enabled companies to increase their efficiency and allows them to pass the savings on to their customers. It has made a significant impact in the reduction of driving delays and the capability to avoid accidents by letting drivers know the areas they should avoid and how to safely reroute in the most time-efficient way.

Electric Vehicle Technology Changes Affecting Auto Transportation

Another major change that will have increasing impacts on auto transportation in the next few decades is the increase in the manufacturing of Electric Vehicles (EVs), including trucks with towing capacity, such as those used to haul vehicle transport trailers. This will require a significant increase in the need for drivers to be able to locate the nearest charging stations that can accommodate larger trucks which many GPS systems can accommodate. In the long run, EV vehicles will help companies reduce their carbon footprint and enable them to receive federal incentives for doing so.

Anti-Collision Technology Improvements

One of the most exciting advancements in the works for trucking is anti-collision technology, which is being designed to automatically correct a driver’s mistake if it could lead to a crash based on road conditions and traffic. This technology includes sensors for drivers to help them make manual corrections in case of danger, as well as driver overrides if the driver’s reaction is delayed.

The sensors will be equipped with 360-degree cameras to warn drivers of dangers in the roadway ahead or next to them. The anti-collision technology also will increase braking capability, with the automated system engaging quickly and automatically when the risk of collision is substantial.

Other anti-collision technological advancements in the works include sensors to detect drivers’ fatigue at the wheel. Driver fatigue often causes judgment errors by drivers, leading to accidents, flat tires, and failure to follow GPS mapping for exits and routing. These sensors are being designed to analyze the eyes and faces of truck drivers and will work in the daylight as well as at night. When the sensor picks up driver fatigue symptoms, it will emit an alarm to warn drivers as well as cause the driver’s seat to vibrate.

Additional technology add-ons in the works include the capability to detect distracted driving and use auto-correct navigational tools to avoid hazardous driving and accident risks.

These systems are just a portion of the exciting technology trends to ensure drivers and their cargo arrive safely and timely, helping to reduce accident-related risk costs for company insurance and ensure customer confidence in the timely, safe, and cost-effective delivery of their vehicle.

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