Best CBD Vape Pen Devices – Disposable & 510 Cartridge For Relaxation 2023

What Should the Best CBD Vape Pen Devices Do?

CBD is a substance to make people relax and help with pain relief and mood disorders. Many cannabis consumers for medical purposes have transitioned to using CBD vape pens to fulfill their needs in a more convenient way.

The main purpose of creating CBD vape pens is to overcome the issue of flavor and potency reduction which most vaporizing devices need to improve. However, as consumers’ consumption consciousness and life quality are changing, healthiness and portability become two additional considerations that are as important as flavor and effect restoration in the market now. 

Characteristics of the Expected Vape Pen for Medical Use

Many medical cannabis consumers are pretty cautious about their cannabis vaping quality and experience. The primary reason for using medical cannabis vape pens as a treatment after cannabis legalization is to mitigate the symptom and has as few side effects as possible.

 Ensuring vaping safety is the most fundamental and essential factor influencing the customer’s choice. Despite clean packaging and key information, the experience on the vape pen itself is the core for maintaining brand loyalty and increasing the repurchase rate. Like a persistent central post, stable oil tank, well-designed ceramic heating core (including the matchable heating coil and cotton cover), and etc .

Keeping flavor and effect restoration is another fundamental consideration that consumers care about the most as a fully restored experience can convey the most useful and complete effect. For instance, a higher vaporizing temperature setting (related with battery voltage) may cause higher cannabinoid and lower terpene taste in the vapor, and may even lead to a burnt taste or device malfunction, while a lower vaporizing temperature setting may cause lower cannabinoid and higher terpene taste which eventually influence the overall treatment effect or evoke unnecessary side effect.

Being portable and discreet is the major product design trend that lets people bring it anywhere. A compact cannabis vape pen that contains as much concentration as possible and could fit right into people’s hands and pockets when in use should be the basic characteristic for portability. A user-friendly disposable is easy to use and there is no additional manipulation to use it. Without changing the size and weight, exerting powerful enough technologies could also make the vape pen more versatile and portable.

Potential Health Benefits of CBD Vaping

Vaping CBD oil has numerous potential health benefits. Essentially, CBD has the potential to prevent or even help in the treatment of some diseases.

  • Epilepsy
  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety
  • Psychosis
  • Heart Disease
  • Diabetes

Best CBD Vape Disposable Vapes and 510 Cartridges Devices

  1. CBD Disposable Vape – Cilicon ELEV Bar1 

Cilicon ELEV Bar1 is a minimal and ergonomic disposable, and comes in a series of technological designs to provide a safe and superior vaping experience.



  • Size:14.00mm*88.30mm(0.5mL)
  • 0.5mL/1.0mL/1.5mL/2.0mL/3mL/6mL Oil Tank
  • 1.25Ω Resistance
  • 400mAh Battery Capacity
  • 8.2W Output Power
  • 4*Φ1.5mm Intake Hole
  • Formatrix™ Ceramic Heating coil
  • Micro USB Charging (1mL only)

Mainly Features of Cilicon ELEV Bar1

  1. Tiny and smart disposable vaporizer than others with the same capacity.
  2. Avoid overburning, bring natural taste and smell of cannabis
  3. Accelerate your filling efficiency, better than other traditional slim disposable vape
  4. Wide range of customization options
  1. CBD Disposable Vape – SOLO Series

SOLO, as one of the Best sellers in cannabis Market, and sales up to 15 million pcs. First generation rechargeable disposable vape pen made by CILICON.  You must know CILICON’s SOLO 1 if you dived into the CBD vape market in 2022. SOLO has become one of the most iconic vaping devices in the CBD disposable world, and now it has been upgraded and brought more functional features.


SOLO Specifications

  • Upgraded version with 1.0mL, 2.0mL, 3mL Oil Tank
  • Dual airflow to prevent clogging
  •  5Ω Resistance
  •  2*1.8mm intake hole (can be adjusted)
  •  Microfeel® Ceramic Heating Technology
  •  Biobaleen™ Module
  1. CBD 510 thread Cartridge + Battery (ELEV Nano1 + ELEV Buff1)

Cilicon 510 thread cartridge ELEV Nano1 and 510 battery ELEV Buff1 combination boasts outstanding overall aesthetic and practical values among its key features. By adopting the design language of the conventional vape pen and incorporating an ergonomic philosophy, the 510 product solutions manage to reach the perfect combination between form and utility.

Better when paired together, the ELEV Nano1 and ELEV Buff1 feature a compact yet elegant appearance. Capacity-wise, the ELEV Nano1 currently comes in three volume options, 1.5ml, 2ml and 3ml, to satisfy various customers’ needs. 

Driven by the excellent heat durability and high rigidity of the Formatrix™ core, the heating process lets end-users save precious cannabis oil while making every puff of vape bolder and uniform with no over-burning taste. Not to mention, with the Smart Heating Control Technology, the ELEV Buff1 does more than simply deliver steady output power to vaporize your cannabis extract. 

Why Choose Cilicon Vape Devices?

The benefits of CBD vaping are incredibly intriguing and attract many medical cannabis consumers to switch from smoking joints. The recent development shows how the CBD vape pen has been gaining popularity, which steps up the competition between businesses. Cilicon is here to not only help you to survive but also to accompany you until you thrive in this industry!

Cilicon vapes will crown you the leader in the market with top-notch features! With these products,medical cannabis consumers are about to go on an otherworldly CBD vaping journey. Some notable aspects of Cilicon CBD vape pen are as follows:

1. Formatrix Heating Technology to Achieve Superior medical Cannabis Vaping Experience

Cilicon takes the initiative to find the ideal heating element that can withstand heat without compromising users’ health benefits. They selected only the premium-quality ceramic materials coupled with top-notch technology to produce a compact micropore ceramic core and paired it with an Alchrome (Iron-Chromium-Aluminum) FeCrAl electric resistance heating coil. It can withstand high-temperature dissolution, 1200°C high sintering undergoes 20000+ various tests, proving its success in consistent heat distribution and cost-saving ability. With this mind-blowing technology, your vaporizer will be able to deliver the luscious flavor of the original medical cannabis oil and a heavenly stimulating medical cannabis vaping experience.

2. Bring an End to Oil Clogging Problem with Cilicon’s Oil Isolation Technology

Oil Isolation™ Technology is a patented technological breakthrough that separates the CBD vape pen’s oil inlet from the oil tank. The oil inlet is placed underneath the central vaporizing tube above the metal holder to insulate the oil from the airflow interaction with the oil in the oil tank, which creates gurgling during the oil-filling process, resolving the CBD vape pen’s oil leakage issue once for all.

Aside from their existing product lines, Cilicon is also prepared to become your Original Design Manufacturer(ODM) partner to custom a unique CBD vape pen. Distribute only exceptional CBD vape pens to invite your customers to an unforgettable CBD vaping voyage!

3.Dose Control: Perfecting the Individualized Vaping Experience

With dose control capabilities, the vaping experience can be enhanced beyond what is capable with the most smoothly-running vape pen. With dose control technology, such as that which is included in the LIT Buff1 line of pens, users can exercise an amount of control over their cannabis experience that has never before been possible. The LIT Buff1 dose control system gives customers the option to choose their preferred time for each hit, which is programmed into the device when it is purchased, and then allows the customer to control the power level on each hit, thereby guaranteeing that they achieve the perfect size on each hit that they take.

Secure Your Place as The Leading CBD Vape Pen Brand

The CBD vape pens are created to answer the consumer’s needs for a convenient and discreet device to consume medical cannabis. The benefit of vaping with a CBD vape pen is that it helps reduce the chance of inhaling toxic substances. It is also a cost-effective option and has several controllable variables to reach the optimal flavor and volume for all medical cannabis consumers in any experience level. These advantages have successfully attracted people to convert to CBD vaping, making the CBD vaporizer industry relatively competitive. Aware of this challenge, CILICON is ready to help you differentiate yourself among your competitors by aiding you in manufacturing a quintessential CBD vape pen device! more information refer to:

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