Text Promotion Best Practices: How to Create Engaging and Effective Campaigns

Whether you’re a long-time business owner or new to the industry, you must keep your customers engaged consistently. And one of the best ways to do this is through text message marketing. Using text promotion, you can quickly and effectively grow your revenue by directly contacting your customers. But there are so many ways to use text promotion services. Here’s how to create effective campaigns using SMS marketing.

Offer Promotions Often

One of the main benefits of using text promotion software is the ability to let customers know when you’re running sales or discounts. So instead of continuously texting your customers about regular company information, people will be much more enticed to click on links to your website if there’s a promotion.

Sometimes the most significant part of having a sale is the importance of informing people through advertising. The best way to do this is through texting, as the messages go directly to customers’ phones. You can send out text promotions by letting customers know about any discounts you’re having on your products or certain ones in particular. You should include the information in the text message, as customers can see the percentage discounts you offer without clicking on anything.

It’s important that you don’t offer promotions too often, though, as this can cause customers to disregard them because they expect them in the future. Instead, send out text campaigns informing customers about special promotions, like coupons or promo codes for certain products. You can also let them know about annual, seasonal or holiday sales, and you can even let them know about limited-time sales, where you mention how long you’ll be offering a particular discount.

Survey Frequently

Surveying your customers is a great way to inform your company how customers feel about the products and services they’ve gotten from you. Text promotions are a beneficial way to gauge how people feel because the request for their feedback goes directly to their phone without them having to check their email or inbox.

You can gather customers’ information by letting them answer directly in the text conversation about how they feel about a particular service. Alternatively, you can attach a link to the text and ask them to click on it to answer questions about feedback.

Surveys are important to growing a business because most people check reviews before they purchase something, especially when the product or service is offered online. When potential customers check your reviews and see the majority positive, they’ll be more likely to purchase from your company.

Offer Incentives

Another great way to use text promotions is by offering incentives for people to purchase services more often. You can do this through loyalty programs, which involve people gathering a certain number of points per dollar spent before they reach a certain amount to retrieve a prize. Another incentive you can offer is free shipping promises if customers spend a certain amount of money on your products.

Create a Welcome Message

Before considering sales or incentive messages, consider creating an excellent welcome message that entices customers to check out your website. By sending out a welcome message, you’re allowing customers to have a place to quickly look back to if they can’t find your website.

In the welcome message, you’ll want to introduce your company’s motives and include a call to action so that you can encourage people to engage with your company’s website.

Be Consistent

Lastly, staying consistent with messages to your customers is vital when using an online SMS service. Don’t let people forget about your deals or the company’s services by staying silent. Even if you’re not running any deals or promotions, you can send a message that lets customers know about new products or ones they might be interested in.

Text services are effective because of the personal appeal they offer audiences. For example, try to remain personal with customers and consider sending out messages to send love when there are holidays or special days nearby.

No matter what types of products or services you’re offering customers with your business, text promotion campaigns can help engage your audience more and maintain a closer relationship with them. By getting text reminders about important information, you’re building rapport with the people responsible for increasing your company’s revenue.  

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