Top Rodent Control Methods in 2023

Rodent Control Methods

Rodents are quick and clever and cause havoc in a house or office. They attack electrical appliances, chew the curtains and contaminate food products. Moreover, these pests affect human health. Their noise and droppings all over the property can surely increase the stress on people. Now, there are a few methods that professionals prefer for rodent control Melbourne. These methods show impact within a few days and don’t have many side effects on humans.

 Know more about Rodent Control Methods:

· Baits

Rat baits are easily available in the market. You can mix the poisonous powder with tempting bait. The rodents such as rats, mice and squirrels come to eat the food but by mistake consume the poison too. There is no need to take particular training before using the baits.

But, there are a few problems associated with this method. It could be risky to put poisonous baits around the house if there are kids at home. The babies can consume the bait accidentally. You need to be careful while using this pest control Melbourne method at home.

· Ultrasonic Device

These days, people avoid using harsh chemicals for rodent control. The fumes and odours of the pesticides do affect health and cause discomfort. Because of advancing technology, it has become possible for specialists to use non-chemical methods for pest control for rats.

Ultrasonic sounds emit a sound that has a frequency of about 20 kHz. It might be negligible for humans but can be strong for rodents. That’s why people install the device in the main spot of the house and repel the rats easily. This method is neither expensive nor harmful to the environment and health.

· Trapping

Electric traps, glue traps, snap traps and many other kinds of traps are used by people for rodent control. Trapping is a traditional yet effective method. People can easily place traps in different corners of the house and can get rid of seasonal rodents.

There is one drawback of trapping. The rodents often become injured in some kinds of traps. They can also die because of glue traps and electric traps. So, some people consider trapping as an inhumane way of catching rodents.

· Rodenticides

In pest control Melbourne, the experts extensively use powdered or liquid rodenticides to kill different species of rodents. The use of chemicals becomes important when the rat infestation is severe. There are different ways of using rodenticides. The pesticides can be sprayed in liquid form. On the other hand, rodenticides can be dusted in particular places. The specialists make holes with a drill machine and dust the powder.

Fumigation is also used in pest control for rats. In this method, a gaseous form of pesticide is used to kill the rodents. This method is used in open spaces like gardens.

There is nothing wrong with using pesticides for controlling rodents. But, studies suggest that rodents have developed resistance to certain rodenticides. If you are an untrained person, then avoid using pesticides.

You can hire experts for pest control. They know the side effects of chemicals. Professionals choose the products perfectly and use them in the correct quantity.

Bonus Tips to Prevent Rodents

You can save your time and effort by following some good rodent prevention practices. The following tips are suggested by pros:

  • Keep your garden trimmed and organised. Dispose of the fruits properly.
  • Store freshly-prepared food items in sealed containers.
  • Use strong-scented things like peppermint oil, mothballs, ammonia and cinnamon to repel rodents.
  • Cover the cracks, holes and voids with sealants.
  • Avoid using DIYs when the rodent infestation is severe.
  • Never clutter things in storerooms, cupboards or kitchen cabinets.


The rodent control Melbourne strategies given above are trending in 2023. If you have been facing problems because of rats and mice, go ahead and try these methods. You can choose suitable treatments for your property after analysing the rodent type and intensity of rodent infestation.

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