How to Detect and Prevent Wood Borers?

Prevent Wood Borers

Are borers ruining your costly furniture? If yes, you should be aware of the signs and prevention measures of borer infestation. These tiny creatures hide inside wooden chairs, sofas and tables. Their larvae grow in moist wood and cause damage. Apart from property damage, these pests could affect health as well. Wondering how to deal with these pesky pests? You can book borer control Melbourne service or follow some prevention tips. To make things simple for you, we have prepared this guide.

How to Detect Wood Borers?

Many people ignore the signs of borer infestation and face big problems afterwards. Within a few months, their furniture collapse. If you don’t want to face issues, then keep a check on these signs:

  • Creamy-coloured larvae inside the wooden structure indicate the presence of borers. You should book Melbourne pest control service to get rid of them.
  • You would notice wood dust near your furniture. The borers chew away the wood to lay eggs and nurture their larvae.
  • The furniture becomes hollow when the borers live in it. You can tap the furniture and listen to the sound. Hollowness means borer infestation.
  • Complete life cycle of a wood borer might take 15 months to complete. After this, the borers die. You would find dead borers near wooden objects if there is a colony inside.
  • Borers make a tickling sound while chewing the furniture. This sound is quite audible and you could consider it a sign of borer infestation.
  • These pests make tunnels and holes in the furniture. You could recognise the infestation by keeping an eye on them.

These are some easy-to-recognise indicators of borer infestation. You can book borer treatment to keep the borers at bay. The treatment can be booked once a year to keep these pests at bay. Professionals use the modern strategies and effective pesticides to destroy these insects. Also, they inspect the property to find the entry points, nesting points, etc.

How to Prevent Borers?

Wood borers in house could cause trouble to property owners. But, professionals suggest a few tips that can be easily implemented in daily life. Take care of these things and discover a significant reduction in infestation.

· Seal the Cracks

Holes, cracks and voids in the wooden items could provide a passage to the borers. So, you need to seal the entry points. Before sealing the cracks, you can spray pesticides on the objects.

· Keep the Wood Dry

If there are wood borers in house, then try to keep the furniture as dry as possible. Don’t keep moist wood on the premises. You could also keep the wooden items in the sun. Regular exposure to sunlight kills the borers and dehumidifies the wood. To control the humidity inside your house, you can install dehumidifiers.

· Dusting

This is an excellent borer treatment. The experts often use this technique to kill borers. A poisonous powder is dusted in the hollow part of the furniture. Within a few days, the borers die. Many professionals use this method to kill borers.

· Isolate Infected Wood

If one wooden log is infected with borers, then you should keep it separately. Keeping everything together could encourage the spread of borers from one object to another.

· Book Melbourne Pest Control at Right Time

Once you identify the existence of pests in your home or office, go ahead and hire specialists. They would control the infestation at an early stage. You would be able to prevent severe damage with help of pest control experts.


Borers feed on wood and make their adobe inside wooden furniture. The property owners find it expensive to repair or replace the damaged wood. Borer control Melbourne treatment is the perfect solution to the problem of pest infestation. Besides professional service, the prevention measures could provide some relief as well. Whenever you discover borers near you, take serious action against them in a timely manner!

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