Different Air Conditioning Systems and How to Clean Them?

Air Conditioning Systems

Air conditioners allow you to enjoy a cooler indoor environment even in the scorching summer season. In commercial and residential properties, you would often find air conditioning systems. There are mainly two types of installations. One is a ducted system while the other one is split system. Both systems have their advantages and disadvantages. It is necessary to keep both of them clean in order to maintain their functionality. That’s why people book ducted reverse cycle air conditioning cleaning Melbourne service.

Know more about these systems and their cleaning procedure.

Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning vs. Split System

A few characteristics, advantages and disadvantages make these systems different from each other.

Have a look at the features of both the systems:

  1. In split AC, the condenser is installed outside the room to ensure the elimination of heat into the external environment. The other parts of the system can be seen inside the room. It looks like a box installed on the wall. It is easy to clean and superb for the residential properties.
  2. The ducted air conditioners are completely enclosed in the roof space. You would not be able to see the entire setting. You would just feel the cool air coming from the roof vents. This system is considered great for huge buildings. An HVAC unit cools the air and circulates it throughout the building via air ducts.

Cleaning the ducts could be a challenging task. But, you could always hire the specialists for cleaning air conditioning reverse cycle ducted.

How to Clean Split AC?

It takes less time to clean a split air conditioning system. Professionals generally follow these steps to clean these kinds of ACs:

  • The experts start by drying the unit.
  • They switch off the main power line.
  • The cleaner remove the front panel and do some dusting.
  • Next, the experts remove the air filters and wash them properly. After cleaning, they keep the filters under the sun for drying.
  • Then, the cleaner removes the dirt and dust from the cooling fins.
  • AC coils and drain lines are cleaned by the experts.
  • Lastly, the anti-bacterial and anti-fungal products are sprayed on the AC to prevent the formation of mould and bacteria.

This might look like an easy task but it requires precision. You should hire only trained people for cleaning the split AC. Remember that regular servicing would increase the life and efficiency of the system.

Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning Cleaning Melbourne

In a ducted AC system, the cleaning procedure could be a bit complicated. The cleaners use the latest machines and advanced products to clean the entire system.

The steps involved in the process are given below:

  • Experienced cleaners inspect the position of the ducted AC and then start their work. They recognise the problems. The technicians pay attention to the noise made by the system to identify the fault.
  • The return air filters become clogged because of dust particles, pet hairs and other elements. So, the cleaners clean the filters thoroughly.
  • Fans, coils and other components of the ducted AC are cleaned with an industrial-grade machine.
  • The ducts that circulate the cool air in the property are cleaned with the finest products. Debris, dirt, mould particles and many other impurities are removed by the cleaners.
  • In a ducted AC system, it is necessary to take care of water outflow. The water after condensation should go into the drains. So, all kinds of blockages are cleaned by the specialist.
  • Lastly, the technicians switch on the AC and check whether it is working properly or not.


Both split ACs and ducted ACs are trending these days. “Ducted reverse cycle air conditioning vs. split system “could be confusing for some people. But, we have listed the differences between them. They can be chosen according to the requirement. Also, make sure that you rely on professional duct cleaning Melbourne services when it comes to cleaning the system efficiently.

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