Can Carpets be cleaned after Water Damage?

Carpets be cleaned

Carpets are made to insulate and beautify the surroundings. But, the floor covers face lots of damage because of flooding. The accumulation of dirt particles, debris and mould makes the carpet unsuitable for use. Luckily, there is a way to revamp the carpets. There is no need to replace or discard them. Minor damage, stains and mould infestation could be treated by experts. Professionals use modern methods to deal with carpet water damage.

 Here is how the experts clean the flooded carpets:

1. Quick Removal of Flood Water

Flooding could occur because of several reasons. Rainfall, storms, broken sewage pipes and corroded water pipelines could flood the property. To control the damage, it is essential to extract the filthy water. Firstly, the experts inspect the place. Secondly, they install the pumps. Lastly, they extract the water and use wet vacuum cleaners.

2. Removal of Debris

In water damage carpet cleaning Adelaide, professionals remove the debris from the carpets. Also, they use clean water to rinse off the carpets in the first place.

3. Mould Removal

Colourful filaments that grow on the carpet after flooding are known as fungal filaments. The fungi grow in a moist environment. It is important to hire experts for cleaning flooded carpet within 48 hours if you want to prevent mould formation. Besides using anti-fungal products, the cleaners use careful techniques to dispose of the mould.

4. Stain Removal Treatment

Different spots spoil the overall look of the carpet. Hence, the cleaners pay special attention to stain removal. The experts use the finest stain removal products to eliminate the stains. The stain removal solvent breaks down the water stains, mould spots and mud stains.

5. Intense Water Damage Carpet Cleaning Adelaide

Professionals use special techniques like shampooing, steam cleaning and hot water extraction to ensure deep cleaning of carpets. Soon after stain removal treatment, the cleaners set up their machines and start cleaning the carpets. The advanced cleaning machines and agents efficiently remove the stains, odours and germs in the carpets.

6. Disinfection

A flooded carpet could be a hub for dangerous pathogens. Because of germs, your health can suffer. So, the cleaning specialists ensure the removal of germs like bacteria and viruses from the carpets. They use carpet-safe disinfectants to kill the microorganisms.

7. Deodorisation

Moist carpets release a musty smell. Moreover, it increases with time. So, it is crucial to get rid of it. The cleaners use deodorant sprays and powders to remove the smell from the carpets.

8. Drying

Moisture in the carpet could lead to the recurrence of mould and bacteria. This situation can be harmful to human health. Professionals make sure that water is completely evaporated from the wet carpets. Therefore, they use dryers and fans to dry the carpets quickly.

Things to Consider While Cleaning Flooded Carpet

Carpet cleaning is a tricky task. A few mistakes could result in permanent damage. Check out a few things that you must consider while cleaning flooded carpet:

  • Don’t rely on DIYs because they are ineffective and time-consuming. You can hire professionals to get the best results within a few hours.
  • Always do a patch test on the carpet. It prevents problems like discolouration, wear and tear.
  • Use well-maintained and advanced machines for cleaning. Also, you should use the machines correctly.
  • You can switch off the main power line and remove the appliances from the floor before cleaning.
  • Wear rubber boots, glasses and gloves before cleaning the carpet. It is important because flood water contains lots of germs.
  • Use a moisture checking device to monitor the dryness of the carpet.


Carpet water damage can be reversed with modern cleaning techniques and machines. Professionals have the capability to clean the carpets after flooding. So, don’t spend lots of money on buying a new carpet. Instead, hire specialists and get the carpet cleaned. Also, make sure that you hire cleaners from a licensed and certified company.

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