How to Elevate the Kids’ Outfits with the Right Accessories?

Many parents spend a lot of time picking out what their kids will wear, but surprisingly little of it is on the accessories to pair an outfit with. Treating accessory selection like an afterthought is not good. It can lead to poor selections that take away an appeal from the clothes rather than add to them. Conversely, when chosen correctly, accessories can unlock a world of benefits. For one, they add new interest and appeal to outfits worn several times over. Additionally, they can conceal flaws in an outfit, bring your child’s personality into the fold and make for a more polished look. Today, we’ve rounded up these top suggestions for kids’ clothing accessories for you, including tips on what they go well with.

  1. Forever Glitter Stockings for knee-length dresses

The Forever Glitter Stockings by ForeverKidz aren’t like your typical stocking. It features an elegant design, complete with beautiful sparkles that can uplift a mundane outfit with vibrant interest. 

So when is the best time to accessorize with the Forever Glitter Stockings? This functional yet beautiful accessory comes in handy in a variety of situations, namely: 

  • For cold weather days when you want to dress up your princess warmly without sacrificing style
  • For short dresses, typically knee-length or below, to ensure a more conservative outlook 
  • For more formal events that require a decent and classic style 

This accessory has become a wardrobe staple and can boost not just outfit elegance but confidence and comfort as well. 

  1. Pink Love Beret Cap – goes well with matching colors

Why are hats important in fashion? You should know that classic beret caps have been around for centuries. Not too long ago, girls wouldn’t even leave home devoid of a hat, as they were considered a revered part of clothing etiquette. 

Of course, times have changed. Nonetheless, the Pink Love Beret Cap still retains its old-world charm even today. As far as fashion accessories for kids go, it’s an authentically beautiful piece.

Here are a few tips on how your little angel can pull off wearing this head accessory: 

  • Pair it with matching colors, either a matching top or dress at the very least
  • Ensure your little girl wears her hair down so it doesn’t easily fall off
  • Keep the makeup light and neutral to avoid an intense look

Berets afford commendable versatility, ensuring a wide range of sophistication for your sweetheart’s wardrobe. They go well with suits, blazers, gowns, and just about anything. 

  1. Classic Checkers muffler- pair with sunglasses/handbags

Muffles or scarves are one way you could go as well. These are a minimalist and simple way to uplift your honey bun’s look without too much of an overhaul. Furthermore, muffles will also help keep your princess warm in cold weather. 

The Classic Checkers muffle is as beautiful as kids dress-up accessories go. It could help connect and build patterns with other accessories, most especially: 

  • Sunglasses
  • Handbags
  • Earrings
  • Bracelets
  • Watches 

Moreover, the Classic Checkers muffle would also work well with a monochrome jacket, blazer, or suit. While wearing a suit you, want to keep your muffle hanging over the sides or below the neck in such a way that it doesn’t impede the view of the collar, more so when wearing a bowtie or tie.

  1. Favorite Sling Bag – pair it with boots or a saree

Your little princess needs lightweight and stylish storage for the essentials she needs on the go, and the Favorite Sling Bag by ForeverKidz is a great option. Moreover, sling bags are generally a healthier option for kids as they take away pressure from the neck and back. 

This Boho-inspired sling bag is nice for a casual outing and is fashionable for formal settings as well. 

Our tips on accessorizing with this sling bag include: 

  • Pair the sling bag with boots, either knee-high or small
  • Combine with other Boho outfits such as the Scent of Boho Frilly Saree by ForeverKidz
  • Complement the look even deeper with the Bandana Boho by ForeverKidz

Your little fashionista could also step out in epic style by combining this funky and elegant sling bang with a monochrome dress. 

  1. Flower Girl Veil Clip- Perfect for gowns

Has your little girl always wanted to be a cute little flower girl? Well, now she doesn’t have to wait around until someone ties the knot. You can help fulfill her ambitions with the Flower Girl Veil Clip.

This head accessory is especially ideal with ball gowns, although it goes well with just about any long-flowing dress your princess owns. Additionally, it also makes for an elegant companion for Frocks, with the flower details atop the veil ensuring unique detail and style. 

If you’re short on gown options for your princess that match superbly with the Flower Girl Veil Clip, we recommend the following from ForeverKidz: 

  • Sunkiss Ruffled Party Gown 
  • Blueberry Ruffled Gown 
  • Dreamy Victorian Elegance Gown 
  • Heavenly Blues Luxury Gown
  • Ruffle Wave Ball Gown

A general rule of thumb when accessorizing with the Flower Girl Veil Clip is to prioritize matching colors or contrasting ones such as black, grey, navy blue, etc. 

  1. Frozen Elsa Gloves- pair with an Elsa Dress

Making fairytales come to life, the Frozen Elsa Gloves is a huge fan favorite, and your daughter is sure to love it, regardless of whether or not she is a fan of the hit animation. These prince-worthy gloves are not just for playing make-believe, they can make ball gowns all the more entrancing. 

We recommend the Frozen Elsa Gloves to:

  • Combine them with a Frozen theme dress like the Queen Elsa Dress
  • Match your sweetheart’s dress in terms of color, although this isn’t a hard rule 
  • Complement evening wear, particularly on cold night outs
  • Pair with a classy handbag and/or ball gown

Overall, this is one of the best kids outfit accessories for any occasion, casual or otherwise.

Mistakes to avoid when choosing accessories

Color is a big deal when choosing an outfit accessory. While you shouldn’t only go with accessories that match your kid’s outfit’s colors, we recommend doing so if you have too much activity on the outfit in terms of different shades. However, if you’re going with a bright outfit for your kid, then a similarly hued piece of accessory may be ideal. Additionally, you also don’t want to use too many accessories in your kid’s outfit.  Go for less than three at a time instead. That said, you can find these and many other accessories to add interest to your kid’s outfits in the ForeverKidz store. Shop now. 

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