7 Benefits You Can Get From Your Medical Marijuana Card In Ohio

Medical marijuana is one of the most controversial topics in society today. It’s a polarizing issue that evokes strong opinions on both sides, but when you look at the facts, it becomes clear that there are many benefits to using it as medicine. This blog post will cover some of the most important benefits you can get from an Ohio medical marijuana card and how it can positively impact your life.

Here are the benefits you can get from your marijuana card:

1. Get legal protection:

If you have a medical card, it may be used as a defence in court if you’re arrested for using marijuana. It can help protect your rights under Ohio’s medical marijuana laws, but it’s not a ticket to use without consequences: if an officer sees evidence that suggests that someone has been driving while impaired by cannabis (like slurred speech or poor coordination), they will likely still take action against them as they would with any other substance-related traffic violation.

2. Take your medication more safely:

Using medical marijuana to treat a medical condition is much safer than using prescription drugs, which can have severe side effects and are known to cause addiction. When it comes to street drugs, there are no guarantees of purity or safety–and these substances have been linked to long-term damage to the body.

In comparison, with legal weed you know exactly what’s in your product and how much of it there is; you also don’t have any fear that police will come knocking on your door because they think they smell pot smoke coming from inside (or outside) your home!

3. Save money on your prescription drugs:

You can save money on your prescription drugs by using a medical marijuana card.

Prescription drugs can be expensive, and many people who need them cannot afford them. In this case, it’s better to use medicinal marijuana instead of prescription drugs because it’s less expensive and has fewer side effects than many of those other medications.

4. Reduce your chances of getting fired or losing your job:

You can also protect yourself from getting fired or losing your job if you have a medical card. If you’re using cannabis for treatment and have a prescription, it might be illegal for your employer to fire you because of it.

It is because Ohio law prohibits employers from discriminating against people who use medical marijuana–as long as they’re following their doctor’s orders and don’t show up at work impaired by their medication. It means that even if you take cannabis while on vacation or off-site, like at home after work hours, employers aren’t allowed to penalize workers who choose this option over traditional pharmaceuticals.

5. Protect yourself from the side effects of pharmacy medications:

The side effects of pharmaceutical drugs can be unpleasant and even dangerous. For example, many medications used to treat pain can lead to dependency and addiction if they are taken over an extended period.

Medical marijuana has been shown to help patients manage their symptoms without causing these negative effects, making it a safer option for those who need pain management but want to avoid the risks associated with traditional treatments like opioids or other types of drugs designed for that purpose alone.

6. Fewer trips to the doctor’s office and emergency room!

Medical marijuana cards can help you avoid doctor visits, emergency room visits and surgery. If you have an illness that requires prescription medications, medical marijuana may be able to replace some of those prescriptions.

7. More control over what goes into your body and how you feel!

You have more control over what goes into your body and how you feel.

It is a big one! You can choose the strain that works best for you, the dosage that works best for you, the method of ingestion (smoking or vaping), and even when to take it–all based on what works best for YOU. As long as it’s legal in Ohio (or any state) and within their guidelines, medical marijuana patients can decide how they want their treatment plan structured.


In the bottom line, Ohio medical marijuana card holders have a lot of benefits to reap from using medical marijuana. Not only does it help treat a wide range of conditions, but it also gives you more control over your health and lifestyle choices. You don’t have to rely on pharmaceuticals or other treatments that may not work for you–just use medical marijuana instead!

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