How to prepare for the new CCIE exam in 2022?

       New version of CCIE exam: At the beginning of 2020, Cisco CCIE has made a big change. If you want to obtain the CCIE certificate, you still need to pass the written exam first, and then take the LAB exam. The format and content of the exam (except for DC, SDX has been added in other directions) have undergone major changes. Below, let us understand these changes together, familiarize ourselves with the previous exams, prepare carefully, and let us sprint the new version of CCIE together.

       The major change in the written exam is that it will start in February 2020. The CCIE written exam is in the form of the NP Core course of the chosen direction. For details, please refer to the cisco website. Let’s spit it out here. The CCIE written exam in 6 directions has common problems, such as EI, which is the most tested, 350-401. You will find that compared with the previous written exam of 400-XXX, it seems that the questions are simpler. After all, it’s just an NP-level exam, what is even worse is that this question is inconsistent with the content of the subsequent LAB exams. Therefore, when choosing NP Core as the CCIE written exam, first, the difficulty, breadth and depth of the content do not match the CCIE LAB exam.

      Here I will introduce how to prepare for the CCIE LAB exam, especially the DOO (Deployment, Operation and Optimization) part of the exam. Everyone must follow the steps, first go through the theory, then start the decomposition exercise, and then start the version sprint. If you want to take the exam in spring and summer, you must practice according to the suggestions. After summer, I believe that after the new version is stable, it is enough to rely on muscle memory at that time!

       The CCIE LAB exam is 8 hours, but the allocation of 8 hours becomes 3 hours for design. The embarrassing thing here is that there are 30 questions similar to the written exam If you are familiar with it, you can finish it in a few minutes, just like taking a written exam. but this part of the time is fixed for 3 hours, and this part of the time cannot be borrowed to LAB exam. But at present, it is estimated that the design is still a difficult point. The exam here is all LLD design. The exam format is similar to the previous Diag, however, the amount of information is less than the Diag of the previous CCIE exam, here is a design background, and a small amount of equipment configuration. This part of the problem, leave it to us 37lab to get it done. It can be expected that when the future version is stable, students who submit papers at noon will become a routine, then you can focus on DOO.

      DOO is the knock version, or lab, or cfg that everyone understands. It is different from the CCIE LAB configuration in the future. There will also be several written test questions in the DOO part. When the version is mature and stable, When the version is mature and stable, I believe that you don’t need to waste a lot of time on design and DOO written test questions.

To sum up, when you are preparing for the CCIE exam in 2022, the preparation work becomes particularly important. You must complete the theory and decomposition as required. If the assessment is OK, you can start the preparation for the DOO part. I wish you all to pass the 2022 new CCIE exam and become a full-stack network engineer and full-stack network architect.

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