Provide Proper Protection To Belts With Personalised Custom Belt Boxes

The basic function of the belt is to hold the pant with the waist. But with time, People started wearing belts in different designs and manners. And it turned into a fashion. Thus, people are so obsessed with new styles of belts that they feel their look is complete by pairing their dress with a matching belt. Custom belt boxes increase your sale in low-budget marketing.

Due to that craze, brands separately launch new styled belts with their new collection. If you do so, you have an idea that being a brand, people expect every product packaging to be fully customized, even if it’s tiny hair clips. But the wrong choice of customization partner can ruin the whole effort. Therefore, it’s important to work with the reliable and trustworthy packaging partner that we are. Want to know how? Carefully read the full blog.

You get superior packaging at business-friendly rates at wholesale:

It’s the wish of every business to get the best but at the cheapest rates. If you wish the same, then you are at the right place. Thus, we provide superior packaging at budget-friendly rates for wholesale without additional charges. Besides that, we offer seasonal discounts after a short period to boost your business.

However, be quick if you want to benefit from the blast new year 2023 sale. It’s because it’s about to end. For order confirmation, visit our webpage,

iCustomBoxes allows you to customize belt boxes on your own:

We provide you with a raw sample kit related to your product. And you can choose any box design, style, etc., from that. But if you want to design the box according to your priorities and specification, we provide you with a specified sample kit. It consists of almost 7 to 10 different styles, materials, designs, and shade boxes according to own specifications you provide to us.

Unlike raw sample kits, the specified sample kit is not free. It’s because we customize it especially according to your instruction.

Assists you in custom belt box designing with PMS and CMYK color schemes:

You can choose any box design and image for custom belt boxes wholesale. Our designing experts with customize that for you. For that, you need to provide us with the design file in any editable format. If we face any jerk or error in that file format, we will inform you about that. Otherwise, you can take guideless lines from our designing experts.

Although for color matching, we have PMS and CMYK schemes. Both are ideal for giving dreamy dazzling shades perfectly. You can choose any of them. Keep in mind that PMS is a bit high in cost than CMYK.  But it gives you infinite color-making options.

Provides durable material to protect belts from external hazards:

Have you noticed that the leather of the belt begins to tear or wear with time? And the metallic belts start turning black. Have you ever tried to know the reason? It happens because of air, moisture, and other external factors. However, if you want to protect the belts from them, you need proper durable, and perforation-free boxes.  And our cardboard, kraft, and rigid material boxes are perfect for that term.

Laminates the box to elevate its durability and appearance:

If you want 100% durable packaging or want to make EZ Custom Boxes reliable for long-term storage. We recommend doing lamination or coating. They function as an extra layer of durability for the box material and design. As a result, the box remains secure from scratches, smudges, dust, etc.

Besides protecting the box, lamination and coating also help to intensify the box’s appearance. After laminating the box, we assure you that you will notice new grace, smoothness, and attraction.

Offers you sophisticated enhancements options for exclusive finishing:

To give extra furnishing and an exclusive finish to the custom belt boxes, we offer you our alluring add-ons pantry. We 100% assure after using these add-ons, your custom belt box will take all the limelight. Here are a few suggestions from our finishing options.

  1. Hot stamp foiling (Silver, gold, red, hologram, copper, all shades)
  2. Custom insets (foam, kraft, cardboard, corrugated, and EVA foam)
  3. Embossing and debossing (for raised and sunken effect)
  4. Die-cut windows in various shapes (for an inner glance)
  5. Crafted ribbons and bows (for custom belt gift boxes)
  6. magnetic closure (for giving exclusive touch to the rigid belt boxes)

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