How to Draw Big Ben Easily

Big Ben Drawing

How to Draw Big Ben. When visiting London, there are many must-see places! From Buckingham Palace to the London Eye, there’s no shortage of amazing things to see.

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One of the most well-known and recognizable of all would have to be Big Ben.

This famous clock tower forms part of the equally famous Palace of Westminster and has been an iconic tourist terminus and sign of London for many years.

People who love this wonderful city usually like to understand how to draw Big Ben to offer their respect. We will notice this tutorial if you love this city and this prominent landmark!

How to Draw Big Ben

Step 1

Drawing such an iconic and complicated landmark would be a formidable challenge, but we’re going to make it a lot easier by breaking it down into a few smaller steps!

We’ll work with a few simple shapes for the first few steps in this guide to drawing Big Ben. For now, we will be working on the lower sections of the structure.

We’ll use straight lines to create two square shapes with thick borders on the top edges. The reference image shows you what they should look like.

The top part should also be slightly smaller than the bottom! Once these are extracted, you are ready for the second step!

Step 2

You started this drawing of Big Ben with two square sections, so you should have no trouble adding another one to the image in this second step!

To do this, add another square section over the first two. This one is the same width as the previous one and has the same margins on both top sides.

You can proceed to step 3 of the instructions when this third section is drawn.

Step 3

Only one square section remains to be drawn before we add more complex elements to the image.

This will also be the same width as the previous two, but there will be a difference in this last section.

The difference is that a straight horizontal line connects the circles at the top edges.

This is because this square section will be the last one before the sloping roof of the tower, which we’ll start with the next step.

Step 4

As mentioned in the earlier step of this Big Ben illustration, in this part, you will start with the roof of the tower.

This will have some thin, steep provinces for the base of the roof, and then there will be a flatter triangular province above it.

Next, add a small rectangular section with two straight lines forming a pointed tip.

The reference image will help you draw if any of these need clarification!

Step 5

The main outline of this tower is ready, so from this step of our direction on how to draw Big Ben, we will concentrate on finer details.

First, draw a circle near the top sections of the tower for the clock face. We will add some details soon.

Next, use some small square shapes and straight lines to connect the different circles you drew at the top of each square section.

Finally, draw some small thin standing conditions near the top for some turrets at the top of the tower.

Step 6

Continuing with this drawing of Big Ben, we can now add more detail to the image.

First, draw another circle in the clock face and then add some lines to the edge of the clock face. You can also draw the thick clock hands.

Next, add some vertical lines along the inside of each square shape. You can finish this step by adding thin, pointed shapes near the bell tower’s base.

Step 7

This step of our Big Ben drawing guide might seem complicated, but it’s better than it sounds! For this step, draw some thick line details in each tower section.

This is a step where you will benefit from the faithful copy of the reference image that we have provided.

When all the details are added, you can also provide some additional details.

Step 8

The final element of this Big Ben illustration is to finish it with some colors. In our example picture, we used natural colors and gradients to colorize it.

This includes softer browns and dark greens; you may want to pick similar colors in your image!

Are you going for a more subdued look or brighter colors for a more expressive and stylistic approach? We are excited to see what you choose!

Your Big Ben Drawing is Finished!

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