How to choose the best self-defense keychain for your needs


A self defense keychain is a small, portable, and lightweight safety tool that keeps you safe when you are out on the street. It is a highly useful tool that can even save your life in times of emergencies especially if you are on the brink of getting robbed.

There are several aspects that you need to keep in mind while going on a self defense keychain shopping spree. Grabbing a keychain with the wrong features will make it useless for you. It would just be sitting in the box in which it came. Hence, your money will be ruined, and you will need to purchase a new one. 

So, this is why we are going to share the essential features that you should keep in mind while buying a self defense keychain.

Should be lightweight: The purpose of a self defense keychain is to use it in emergencies. When you have a self defense keychain that is lightweight and compact. You can carry it everywhere with you in your purse and pockets. 

In this way, you always have the keychain available to you in all situations. Moreover, having a compact and lightweight keychain is more effective and efficient in facing an attacker. You can save yourself from the attacker with repeated, precise, and fast blows. 

Sturdiness: Steel, metal, and aluminum-based keychains are the most durable ones in terms of impact. For you to engage in combat with your attacker you need to have a super sturdy keychain.

A steel, metal, or aluminum-based self-defense keychain can inflict severe blows on the attacker. In this way, a super sturdy keychain will have your back against the robbers on the street.

Design aspects: every self defense keychain has design aspects that make it different from others. There are generally two types of self defense keychains

Firstly, you have the lethal ones like the knuckle keychain, knife keychain, and the Kubotan. These have pointy sharp ends that can inflict damage on your attacker. 

Secondly, there are precautionary keychains that are only able to defend you against the attacker. The keychains like personal alarms, flashlight keychains, and keychain pens are examples of this category. These keychains are going to give you ample time in getting help or running away from the attacker.

Comfort aspect:

Do you like lightweight self defense keychains but are going to for pepper spray? Well, the pepper spray might not be the lightweight keychain that you are looking for! 

Always keep an eye on the lightweight aspect of the self defense keychain that you are choosing. Most of the time the seller mentions the aspects like size and weight of the item. 

You should always look for these details because it feels good to have a self defense keychain that you are comfortable with.

Legal considerations: Important aspect that people ignore while choosing a self defense keychain is the legal considerations. Does your state allow the pepper spray you are buying? Are you legally allowed to keep a Kubotan with you?

These are the important questions that you should consult with your lawyer before making a deal. In this way, you will not get in any sort of legal trouble with the authorities. 

Some last words: 

Keeping in mind the points discussed above you should always ensure that you have adequate self defense training beforehand. You must be comfortable using the self defense keychain. It will give you the confidence that you need to face an attacker in time of emergency.

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