Finding Out the New Trends in the Tech Industry with Paul Taligato

Paul Taligato

Technology has overcome the planet in this digital era, as we have seen countless tech products in our daily lives. Still, those products and modern technology are useless because no one has time to understand and know how to avail those tech products fully. Fortunately, we are lucky that life blessed us with Paul Taligato to cope with this problem. 

Paul Taligato, a versatile tech YouTuber and self-taught guy, was born and raised in the Philippines. A genuinely helpful guy who loves to make content regarding the state-of-the-art technology to educate his fans throughout his emerging YouTube channel. Paul Taligato came up with a platform where anyone can see his helpful and quality tech videos to avail the full potential of the latest technologies. A tradesperson who aims to amplify the message of helping others daily.

Changing The Perceptions with Modern Technology

Inspired by the modern tech YouTuber Marques Brownlee and unbox therapy Louis, Paul Taligato is now serving in the video content creation industry as a reaction video creator to educate all technophiles by helping them use every day tech products. He loves introducing the latest tech products, including laptops, watches, mobile phones, and all the tech accessories, to enlighten his followers so they can easily learn and utilize their tech products to their fullest capacity. 

Paul Taligato is a tech-savvy guy who majorly does Apple product reviews, smartphones, smart watches, smart appliances, and smart home gadgets. He creates high-quality, genuine, crystal-clear, efficient, tech, and smart videos.

The Struggle Behind the Curtains

To explain his hard work and struggling era to be an influencer on YouTube, Paul Taligato shares his thoughts 

“I was working 14 days away from home about 6 hours away. And take 7 days off back home. I did this for about 2 years”

Paul always thought about doing something else except a 9-5 job to serve humanity and produce high quality content to educate people regarding tech accessories. Currently, he is working with industry giants such as niu, Himiway, feiyutech, vitruvian.

He has also been a part of emerging organizations like indiegogo and kickstarter and has 3k channel subscribers and 10k views per video. His current reviews rely on the Vitruvian workout station and the river 2 portable battery pack with solar panels.

He majorly invests his time in creating more tech videos to adopt this as a career fully. When asked what his targeted audience is and how you create videos, he proudly shared his thoughts about it. 

“It’s more of a universal approach. Every product has its audience as well. So, I focus on them depending on the product I’m reviewing”

Paul Taligato, a Hybrid of Aspiration and Ambition

Well, Paul Taligato is a genuine person sponsored by an aura and mint mobile, which is famous for generating countless revenue for the channel. Ending this by sharing that Paul Taligato is hope and the most outstanding tutor for all the tech lovers who prioritize his precious struggling years and time over money and fame. To learn more about tech products and their utilization, anyone can follow Paul Taligato on his YouTube channel and enjoy his creative and innovative tech videos free of cost.

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