Top Application Of Cam And Follower

Cam And Follower

Cam and follower convert mechanical energy into rotary motion, enabling various devices to perform better. When you see a sewing machine or automotive vehicle with sliding parts, you see the best cams and followers applications. They are widely used in various technological sectors to unify rotary motion in the best possible way. Here are some top industrial sectors where cams and followers are used regularly:

  • IC Engines: If you closely look at the rotary motion of IC engines, with their perfect inlet and exhaust transitions, you will witness the best application of cam and follower. They cause quick rotations through sliding and connecting movements of their parts.
  • Toys: The cam and follower mechanisms produce simple periodic motions in children’s toys. The electric toys are for entertaining kids while ensuring their safety with the best quality mechanisms.
  • Automatic lathe machines: The feed mechanism in automatic lathe machines are carried out by cams and followers. Moreover, the swift rotary movement with the perfect motion of tools is done by converting high-force mechanical energy using a cam and follower.

Potential Advantages And Disadvantages Of Cam And Follower Mechanism

Though cam and follower have the best technology for bearing high-end Rotary motions, most of it is still in the experimentation stage. Moreover, there are frequent objections to the massive production of devices using cam and follower because of some disadvantages. Therefore you should know about the possible benefits of using a cam and follower and the disadvantages of manufacturing it on a large scale. Here are the details:


  • Comes in many forms. You can easily blend your imagination with the technological developments in cam and follower.
  • Swiftly converts mechanical energy to rotary motions.
  • Simple mechanism with high-tech designs. It is easy to create and provides the best opportunities for rotary designs.
  • It can bear high frequencies and vibrations. You can easily subject it to frequent mechanical designing, and it will easily blend with the existing tools.


  • Takes up more space. You need to provide a lot of space to the cam and follower in the existing technological setup for it to work.
  • High manufacturing costs can actually make the process of developing the device a bit difficult.
  • Prone to frequent wear and tear (especially cams). 

Cam And Follower- An Important Part Of Mechanical Engineering Concepts

If you want to learn more about the application of cam and follower, then you should do a mechanical engineering course as soon as possible. It will teach you to design perfectly so that you can manufacture cams and followers with the best technology and precision. The high-tech models of cams and followers are still undergoing various experiments, so it is the best time to join this career option. Mechanical engineering designers are in high demand these days, so you need to choose your course fast and complete it to become a professional soon.

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