10 pieces of trendy jewellery you must own

trendy jewellery

It is not easy to be at the top of your fashion game all the time in today’s hustling days. A woman may not always have a lot of time to spend deciding what clothes she should wear every day for the perfect look. Therefore, pieces of jewellery have now made their way into the world of style and glamour. Have you noticed how an ornament can lift the grace of an outfit? Moreover, you do not have to invest in something large or expensive for it to make a mark. 

Look your stylish best with some of the trendiest types of jewellery that you must have in your jewellery boxes:

  1. Charm bracelets – The collection of charm bracelets for women in Melorra are sure to leave you pleasantly surprised. They can be highly personalized and are made in different materials like gold, diamonds, gemstones, etc. Select the ones that suit your style the best. 
  2. Cuff bracelets – A cuff bracelet is often known to be one of the classiest pieces of jewellery a woman can own. These can look good over formal or traditional looks. You can choose from many designs with thin or thick bands. 
  3. Gemstone ring – One ornament that is often on the must-have list for most women would be a gemstone ring. These rings have the power to attract all the attention with their beauty and grace and can look great on any outfit you wear. Choose contrasting or matching gemstones to go with certain attire
  4. ChokerChokers on Indian or Indo-Western dresses are a fabulous style statement. Be the bride or a bridesmaid, be a friend or a relative, a choker necklace will work wonders to add to your stunning Indian outfit. It will never hurt to have a couple of different options!
  5. Diamond nose pin – Everyday jewellery in the form of a diamond nose pin exudes a highly elegant look. You will notice the shape of your face changing as your look transforms into something special. 
  6. Halo earrings – Halo earrings are an option that will play a huge role in your life no matter what you choose to wear. These can be worn every day to work, for occasions like birthdays, meetings, lunches, etc. Halo earrings are attractive and can adapt themselves to look beautiful in any situation.
  7. Hoops – Earlier, we thought of hoops to be the perfect party piece. However, these days, with the myriad of designs and types of earrings coming out, hoops can also be simplified and worn regularly to add just a little bit of glamour to your look. 
  8. Rose gold ring – Rose gold rings can look charming on any woman. You can also choose these rings for younger girls as they are minimalistic and bring about a dainty look on their dainty fingers. These rings can come in multiple designs and motifs and you can choose larger or smaller pieces. 
  9. Gold pendant – Who does not have a gold pendant in their jewellery boxes that they go to for any event? These look perfect on most necklines and you can also pair pendants with layers of necklaces for a boho look. 
  10. Gold chain – Another staple piece of jewellery that is not only great for gifting but also to own would be a gold chain. Enjoy the different styles and types of chains available as you can make your own collection.

No woman can ever have enough trendy pieces of jewellery in her collection. Build yours with the best, latest, and most stylish pieces available.

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