Volvo CE enhance the range and size of Volvo’s hybrid machines with new 38 Tonne Excavator 


Volvo CE’s introduced their biggest hybrid excavator which according to the manufacturer has a higher fuel efficiency compared to non-hybrid excavators by almost 17% without compromising on power or performance. The 38 ton EC380E excavator is environmentally the ‘friendliest’ within its class given the fact that the machine emits 15 % less CO2. 

The new 38 ton excavator is also fitted with a hybrid hydraulic system that was developed on hybrid Volvo technology. The machine has been accepted as the largest hybrid excavators within its class and is successor to the EC300E Hybrid that made its debut in 2019. 

During its time The predecessor was noted largely for the machines exceptional efficiency in both power management and as well as productivity, and back them as indicated by Volvo engineers, the were on scratching the surface of the hybrid technology that Volvo CE was working towards. Since then the introduction of both the 25 tonne EC250E Hybrid and as well as the release of the 35 ton EC350E Hybrid has provided customers a clear indication of Volvo CEs direction says Kangwook Kim, who is the global product manager for Volvo CE. 

He also reiterated that Volvo realised that with the launch of the EC300E Hybrid just barely two years ago, they took the first into the hybrid sphere and there was no turning back. From now the main offerings of Volvo would be seen in all their upcoming equipment which is mainly the unique hybrid hydraulic technology. 

The technology has been tried and tested and is proven to work across a wide range of related business segments, such as excavator and skid steer hire companies, regardless of the size of the machines and according to Kim, Volvo CE will continue to build on this platform and improve on it continuously in order to be able to provide the best most flexible, efficient and environmentally responsible machines ever. 

The hybrid technology revolves around a few distinct factors; among the more prominent factor according to a senior engineer is the free energy that the excavator harvests from the downward motion of the boom. The downward boom motion charges an accumulator which stores the energy and used when needed to power the hydraulic-assist system motor which powers the engine in turn. 

The beauty of these machines is the fact that none of the Hybrid models compromise on quality, ability, controllability or power and by most aspects performs better than conventional standard excavators. What is unique about the Volvo Hybrid is that whilst our competitors capture energy from the swing motion of the boom, Volvo uses the up and down motion of the boom which in general will enable the machine to capture a much higher rate of free energy. 

The machines are cost effective and are compatible with most add-ons and gadgetry that Volvo has to offer. Even Volvo skid steers have been reconceptualised to a very high degree when the latest skid steers are compared to models of just two years ago. Interior noise of skid steers and excavators have been redesigned to limit noise to the lowest possible point and console arrangement have been sectioned into two areas which makes access to the controls much more practical and much easier to view. 

The reasons behind these significant improvements have been targeted towards reducing operator fatigue which generally translates to better productivity. The future however is still zero emission machines that Volvo expects to arrive at by 2030 if not sooner. 

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