Wardrobe Considerations for Retirement 

Wardrobe Considerations

For many people, retirement is a time of life that they look forward to with great anticipation and apprehension. While there are many things to consider regarding what you will do with your time and retirement, like the best hobbies for retirees, whether or not you will move to a smaller home or a different city altogether, and so many other decisions, one thing you might not have realized you need to think about are considerations when it comes to your wardrobe. Retirement can be a great time to simplify many things in your life, and your closet is one of them. Keep reading to learn some important wardrobe considerations all retirees should consider.

Workwear Woes 

While not everyone has to wear a name tag or uniform to work, most people have a wardrobe dedicated to their career. Now that you’re in retirement, you likely won’t need many of those items; scrubs, business casual, and anything in between no longer serves you. You can opt to resell these items online for cash to add to your retirement and rainy day fund, donate them to a local charity or drop them off at your local thrift store. But getting them out of the house can free up space in your home and your mind.

Loungewear Sets 

Though you’re in retirement, that doesn’t mean you must wear matching sweatsuits with your spouse or best friend. Loungewear is hugely in trend these days, so while you’re staying comfortable, you’re also staying chic. Investing in high-quality 100% cotton loungewear sets is a great way to look good and feel good. Loungewear sets are a must, whether young or young at heart, so don’t feel like you’re aging yourself by investing in some comfortable new outfits.

Arch Support Shoes

While people of all ages should wear arch support shoes, as we age and certainly while we’re in retirement, wearing supportive shoes is essential. Retirement comes with a lot of free time, which means a lot of activities that you weren’t available to partake in while you were still in the workforce. You want to stay comfortable, whether on the golf course, enjoying a stroll with loved ones, gardening, or traveling. Arch support shoes not only help you stay comfortable, but they also protect your feet as well as your spine. The best part? Designers have taken notice of the need, and you can get stylish and trendy shoes that accomplish this for you, from sneakers and sandals to boots, flats, and even heels. Value your health by investing in high-quality shoes that support you.

Comfortable Jeggings or Jeans

Just because you’re aging gracefully doesn’t mean you have to give up your sense of style, and while comfortable clothes are essential as we get older, a few quality pairs of comfortable jeans or jeggings are just what the doctor ordered to stay on trend no matter what the season. Smart jeans and a t-shirt or cute blouse are always a great combination. As we age, we tend to carry our weight in our midsection, so showing off our great feature of legs in a pair of skinny jeggings with a flowy top keeps you comfortable and stylish.

Clear Out Slowly 

As mentioned earlier, when it comes to work wear, you can immediately clear out your closet. However, you may have other pieces to transition into your retirement wardrobe, and it’s worth considering phasing these things out slowly. When we’re in retirement, we are living on our savings and possibly supplemental fixed income, so don’t throw everything out at once as you may find that you need it again, and it would be a shame to have to spend your savings on something that you recently gave away.

Retirement is a beautiful season of life that should be enjoyed. While you can look forward to spending more time with family members, grandchildren, and friends that you didn’t have time to enjoy while you were working, not to mention travel to places that have been on your bucket list, your clothes and footwear plays a huge role in how comfortable you are doing those things. Take the considerations mentioned above into account as you head into this joyous season of life.

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