Step By Step Butterfly Simple Drawings For Kids | Tutorial

Step By Step Butterfly Simple Drawings For Kids | Tutorial

Simple Drawings For Kids adore butterflies, and watching them flap their wings and move around is fascinating and enjoyable. Even though it’s challenging to capture them, if you can draw a butterfly, it’s not difficult to bring one home. Teaching children how to draw a butterfly can be challenging for most parents. Simple Drawings For Kids will assist you; we have provided a step-by-step guide on how to get your child to draw a butterfly using basic techniques. Continue reading.

Easy Butterfly Drawing

Kids love to sketch butterflies because they have so many different colours. Wings that curve in the other direction and a little body with antennae make it an entertaining design. The butterfly is simple to draw with a pencil or a pen on paper or an art pad.

Kids can follow the instructions in this article on how to draw a butterfly to create a beautiful image. You must first create an oval on the paper and colour it in shades of blue. Next, make a few curved lines and fill them with various colours. To complete the design, draw a line through the centre and out from the bottom of the oval.

Simple Butterfly Drawing

Since they represent transition, butterflies have tremendously impacted many different cultures. Additionally, students should design the shape of the wings, body, and antennae before drawing a butterfly using BYJU’s how to draw a butterfly for kids.

Kids can use bright colours to add any features, such as stripes or spots after they have finished outlining the areas of the pattern in black. The nice aspect is that children can make this design complex or simple.

Material Required:

  • Pencil.
  • Eraser.
  • Sharpener.
  • Crayons without toxins, colour pencils.

Simple Steps For Drawing A Butterfly


  • Begin by sketching a circle freehand.


  • As in the illustration, place an oval shape beneath the circle.


  • To complete it, add the wings to the butterfly drawing. The oval form on the left should have one larger circle added to it.


  • Carry out the identical procedure on the butterfly’s right side.

5 :

  • Attach a second wing in the form of a letter U to the bottom of the first wing. Draw the butterfly from the wing to the body, as shown in the illustration.


  • Next, sketch the right-side wing as well.


  • On the top of the butterfly’s body, draw another little circle inside the first wing.


  • Repetition of the tiny circle on the opposite side.


  • Without the lovely antennae, your pencil drawing of a butterfly lacks the body, which is the first circle in the drawing; doodle two little lines.


  • Draw two tiny circles where the antennae are in the image.


  • Add colours of your choice to the butterfly to complete your design and give it life.

You may show your child how to draw a butterfly with this simple guide. Drawing helps your youngster express their creativity and use their imagination. Additionally, you can keep them company while they draw and share tales that encourage them. So give your youngster a colouring book and some crayons and let them let their imaginations run wild.

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