How to Save Money Using Industrial Shelving for Your Storage?

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Warehouse owners often have to deal with storage space issues. This issue may seem minor, but a lack of space affects operations in the warehouse. In addition, it means owners or managers should find alternative storage options, resulting in additional rent costs for off-site storage. However, the more straightforward option is using industrial shelving that maximises space and increases productivity.  

Still, these warehouse shelving systems should be safe to prevent damage to the goods in storage. To achieve this, accurate calculations and configurations are necessary. These ensure the shelving options are sturdy and efficient in handling the load. Experts recommend the following tips and tricks to utilise space and save money. 

Tips for Saving Money Using Shelving Options 

Owners aim to improve storage to increase item listing. Below are affordable tips and strategies to help achieve that:

Measure the Current Industrial Space Capacity 

Modifications on current shelving systems are impossible if owners don’t know how the space is used. Fortunately, assessing the space allows optimisation and development of proper systems to increase storage capacity. 

Collect relevant data on the following aspects:

  • Storehouse space 
  • Current shelving systems 
  • Configurations 
  • Pickup and storage capacity 
  • List management

Use Vertical Space  

Most industrial warehouses and storehouses don’t utilise vertical spaces. However, expanding shelves upwards costs less than installing new shelving systems. After all, the upgrades are done to develop existing structures to accommodate loads safely. New equipment like vertical lifts make loading easier, but managers should be careful not to exceed a height of 12 feet. If they do, they must acquire a permit. 

Expand Storage Depth 

Increasing storage capacity upwards is one way to save money. The other is exploring storage depth. Doing so strengthens the structure and increases storage density. This will help store more goods without compromising the safety or security of items.

Reduce Aisle Width

Aisle width determines the floor space in warehouses. Poor aisle designs waste time and money due to their ineffectiveness. Luckily, technological advancements like the use of forklifts in storehouses allow companies to decrease aisle width, thus enhancing productivity. In addition, decreasing aisle width creates more shelf space, increasing storage space. 

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Install Mezzanine

Creating a mezzanine floor increases floor space. This stacking system consists of a raised platform running from the floor to the ceiling in the warehouse. Mezzanines make use of vertical space and encourage shelf accessibility and visibility. According to experts, mezzanines increase floor space by 50%. 

Use Properly-Sized Shelving 

Storage slots must be perfectly sized to fit items and prevent space wastage. Also, getting the right shelf sizes eliminates the need for extra storage. When choosing the shelving system, think about the shape and size of storage containers. This allows owners to select shelves that accommodate differently-sized containers based on items stored in the warehouse. 

Install Shelves at the Right Height 

Optimising warehouse storage space saves money and time. On top of that, it ensures employees are safe from injuries and the items are secure. The only way to ensure shelves are perfectly sized is to measure the warehouse and settle on the right space to leave between shelves. 

Using industrial shelving for storage is a great way to save money. By following these tips, you can get the best value for your money and the most out of your industrial shelving investment.

These benefits mentioned above underline how industrial shelving which includes mobile shelving system are saving modern-day warehouses money in addition to their various benefits.

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