The “IQOS 4” is a tobacco heating device made by Philip Morris dubbed IQOS Iluma Prime. All smokers will appreciate the distinctive TEREA sticks, unmatched design, and cutting-edge tobacco heating technology that the new generation has added to the renowned brand.

IQOS Iluma in Dubai showed induction heating of tobacco sticks, which exceeded expectations. This method varies from heating using a chamber and employing a blade or rod in the device to which the post is attached. The business has already received a patent for a novel technique called the “Smart Core Induction System.”

The danger of blade breaking is eliminated with a new construction without blades. It eliminates the need for labor-intensive cleaning after use. You can use the device twice straight. Additionally, it features a heater start option that is automatic.


Due to the absence of locks and covers, the original IQOS Iluma Prime in Dubai is different from the design of earlier generations of cases. Beautifully enveloped in a magnetic “blanket,” the metal shell shields and firmly secures the holder behind it. This component is available in leather, metal, and fabric and may be personalized. Similar to the IQOS 3 DUOS, the new IQOS features a modified holder design and enables up to two continuous sessions. Right next to the button, there are many indication lights. Like the caps on earlier versions, the replaceable ring on the holder’s tip may be customized.


Pod Salt is a disposable, on-the-go e-liquid vaping device. An award-winning, fashionable, and cutting-edge vape pen made by Pod Salt Go 2500 Puffs Disposable in Dubai that employs nicotine salt. The powerful 1100mAh battery in each Pod Salt Go disposable, which provides 2500 puffs, allows you to vape and go for longer.

This is an excellent opportunity to acquire one of the most extraordinary things on offer. The POD Salt in Dubai, which work with any device that accepts pod devices, employs contemporary pod technology. It’s a vaping device that combines the enjoyment of vaping with the usefulness of always having it on hand.


It is portable and lightweight and may fit in any pocket or purse. You can take a drag without worrying about anything because it starts swiftly and has no buttons. This gadget includes an atomizer, a mouthpiece, and a battery. Time is saved, and the hardware component’s maintenance is not a concern. You’ve come to the top vape store in Dubai at the perfect moment to peruse our enormous selection.

Because they provide outstanding comfort, Pod Salt Go Disposable 2500 Puffs are very well-liked. When the flavor runs out, all that is needed is to change it. It is produced with the aid of current technologies and doesn’t leak. Due to the bulky equipment and constrained space, traveling can take time and effort. This gadget fits comfortably in your pocket and rests on your hand. We are building a name in the UAE by supplying high-quality vaping products. This item is just for you if you disagree with charging. This tool may be used in public and aids in the creation of a strong message. The finest experience is provided by vaping equipment, which is a safer alternative.

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