7 Tips On Getting The Best Deals In Online Shopping

With the economy showing no signs of recovery, Brits are looking at cost-cutting measures. Inflation and higher energy prices do not mean people stop spending on essential goods. One way to reduce spending is to shop online by comparing the quality, price, and other key factors. Shopping for goods online can save money provided you follow some essential tips. Here are a few vital tips that will help you get the best deals.

1. Codes and cards

One of the perks of shopping online is the offers and deals you get in the form of codes and loyalty points. Here are some ways in which you reduce the final price of your order:

  • Double check sites to know what type of cards and codes they accept. Look for valid codes or blue light cards that help in getting a discounted price.
  • If you are a regular shopper on a particular site, you can use the loyalty program and collect rewards. Retail businesses allow bonus points or give gifts to loyal customers which you can convert into the cash you need for other shopping.
  • Collect multiple discount codes and keep them ready. You can get discounts on the codes at once.
  • You can save an additional 10% on your shopping if you have a special NHS discount or blue light worker discount.

2. Make use of seasonal discounts

Online retailers offer big discounts during promotional events. Boxing Day, Black Friday, etc. are a few events that can fetch you great deals.

Some retailers offer affordable pricing all year round like Letta London. For instance, the bath and bath accessories here are reasonably priced and durable. You can get good deals on online bath panel clips and other products at the store. Shower baths, whirlpool baths, taps, sinks, toilets, and more are also present at a discount.

3. Research is key

Most shoppers are aware of the importance of comparing products in terms of quality, price, and aspects. But many of them do not spend much time on the research. This results in investing more than what is worth.

When you compare various retailers online, you can find cheaper prices. This is because most retailers use advanced methods to ensure their pricing is less than the competitor’s price. Comparison sites like Price Runner and Google Shopping also help in finding the best rates.

4. Get price alerts

You can get info on the price drops in certain items you are looking for. You can install a special extension that sends instant alerts when the price of a product you have set drops. This method will avoid the hassle of constantly checking sites for discounts.

 The working method for this process is simple. When you have found the right item, you want to buy and you feel the price is high, you set a price alert. When the price reaches the level, you have set, you will receive an email or push notification. This process lets you capitalise on all the best deals. You will not miss out on them.

5. Become a subscriber

It is common to see notifications asking you to subscribe to their newsletter whenever you visit a retailer site. Most often the newsletter is free when you register.

The advantage of such subscriptions is that many retailers offer rewards and discounts as soon as you sign up or later too. You can unsubscribe from the service once you have used up the code or discount the retailer provides.

Some retailers offer giveaways for customers who follow them on social media. If you follow, like, and tag a friend, you can win some of the biggest rewards for free.

6. Bargain online

This may seem a crazy idea but works for real. Use the live chat feature on the online site and ask for a discount.

Many big and small businesses offer discounts ranging from 5% to 20% with this approach. The discount is more when you tell the retailer that the competitor’s product is available for a lower rate.

7. Use the abandoned cart method

The abandoned cart process is used by shoppers to exploit the discount feature of a retailer. The process is easy to do. When you shop online, set up an account with a specific retailer by signing up.

Add the items you want to your cart. Now move on to the checkout page. Leave the site without completing the payment. This method activates an email notification that has a discount code to lure you back to the site.

Final thoughts

We hope you liked our expert tips on getting the best online deals. Remember that the price is not the only deciding factor. Make sure the items you have chosen are of top quality. When you are sure of the quality, the price often does not matter much. To make sure you are getting the best price, check out the reviews and confirm the price before you take the plunge.

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