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In 2022, the global market value of managed services was estimated at USD 267.3 billion. According to experts, this figure is expected to increase with a CAGR of roughly 13.6 percent between 2023 and 2030. This trend shows that a lot of organizations will consider managed IT services for their businesses in the coming years.

Why exactly is managed IT service important for your organization? Why should you consider Infotech Management as your preferred desktop or network support service provider today? As you read on, you’ll find all you should know about the questions above.

Top 5 reasons why you should consider managed IT services

  1. Reduced IT budget

When you work with a reliable managed IT service provider, such as Infotech Management, your company will benefit financially. How is this possible?

By going for a third-party managed service provider, your company will be able to control its outgoing expenses. Indirectly, this will increase your organization’s return on investment (ROI).

An IT budget is a big umbrella that covers different types of expenses, including labor costs, maintenance costs, network security costs, software costs, and hardware costs. When you outsource your IT tasks to a third-party company, your labor costs will reduce. Furthermore, a reliable managed IT service provider will ensure that you get the best network security. All these things will certainly reduce how much your company will have to spend over.

  1. Top-notch network security & compliance

Today, the two biggest concerns in the IT industry are network security and compliance. Your network often stores vital data regarding your business. Unfortunately, if these network technologies aren’t well secured, your company might end up losing its vital data to hackers.

According to Statista, the Q3 of 2022 alone saw approximately 15 million data records being exposed across the world, due to data breaches. To avoid data breach events in your company, you certainly need to enhance your network security. 

Managed IT services providers, such as Infotech Management, can assist your company by keeping your business safe from any data security breach events. Apart from enhancing your network security, the right service provider will also ensure that your business remains compliant with specific industry regulations.

  1. Fill your skills gap

Do you have a team in your organization that lacks enough skills, time, Bảie or experience internally to carry out your IT tasks? If yes, you can always consider managed IT services to increase your team’s productivity. With the right service provider, you can easily carry out your IT tasks while your team focuses on other important tasks.

Managed services providers are very efficient and reliable. With a reliable company, you’ll be able to enhance your employee’s capabilities and get quick solutions to your IT problems.

  1. Proactive maintenance approach

Gone are the days when organizations often have concerns regarding their network connection performance and dependability. Today, managed IT service providers are providing proactive approaches to getting these things with ease.
With Infotech Management, you can always enjoy your network and experience up to 99.99% uptime. We have the right network security and service solutions in place to detect potential issues and fix them to avoid downtime.

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