How Can Push Notifications Help You To Generate Leads As An E-commerce Entrepreneur?


If you want to start or grow your business, finding leads might be your primary concern. If this is the case, your worries are over. The process is now simpler thanks to push notifications.

Wondering How?

So, let me inform you that push notifications allow you to automatically notify your audience when new content is uploaded to your website. Additionally, you can send predefined messages at any moment. This can be a phone notification or a browser message, such as in Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.

Without a doubt, these push notifications have proven to be more effective than any other marketing strategy yet. These short pieces of text are the finest approach to interacting and engaging with your prospects, especially when it comes to expanding your reachability to customers.

So, in this post, we’ll look at how push notifications may help you generate leads as an eCommerce entrepreneur.

First, let’s begin with an overview of push notifications.

What Are Push Notifications?

Push notifications are quick, pop-up messages sent to a user’s device by a mobile app that appear even when the app is not active. WordPress push notification is also a type of push notification or alert that is intended to catch the user’s attention and might include reminders, updates, promotions, and other information.

A title, a message, an image, and a URL can all be included in push notifications. Logos, emojis, and other components may also be included. Push notifications appear differently on different operating systems, such as Google Android and Apple OS.

How to Generate Leads Using Push Notifications?

The suitable timing of sending and the selection of an appropriate message for the target group are critical for lead creation. By adding relevant tags to each lead, you may establish multiple situations for sending alerts and partition the database of recipients in a variety of ways. Thanks to WordPress push notifications, messages will be issued following your recipient’s time zone.

Below are some ways of generating leads using push notifications.

Top 5 Lead Generation Methods Using Push Notifications

  1. Providing Content Or Generating Quality Leads

Newsletters are not the only form of content dissemination. Push alerts will function just as well, if not better, in this position. You may send bulk or targeted messages with push notifications, so you don’t have to show all of your material to all of your subscribers. You can categorise them according to their subject.

To begin, remember to create a content marketing plan that is based on the actual demands of potential consumers and includes material with the appropriate subject and format (articles, films, podcasts, or infographics).

  • Automatic Delivery of Personalised Special Offers

While generating B2B leads, it’s worth personalising your offer and sending the appropriate notice based on the user’s behaviour on the site.

Push notifications allow you to send alerts notifying users about discounts on goods that they have previously expressed interest in; you can make suggestions based on tags that you will assign to consumers depending on their activity on the website.

A particular deal, especially if it is timely, might trigger a purchase impulse. You may set the expiration date of your notification in the app. Consider offering a unique discount as a reward for being a subscriber for a long time.

  • Boost Return Rate and Loyalty

Maintaining relationships is critical for B2B lead creation. If someone has visited your app or website once, don’t let them forget about you.

Push notification alerts will assist you in this. Thanks to the marketing automation module, you will send notifications to people who have not been on your website for 30 days. Make sure to let them know what they may expect from their upcoming visit.

  • Improve Your Customer Service Skills

Generating sales leads not just involves data collection and one-way communication, but also involves discussion.

Provide the best possible customer service. As a result, you will gain their confidence and establish a bond. With push notifications, you can create short surveys to measure your audience’s satisfaction.

It will just take a few seconds because the buttons for answering the questionnaire will be put directly on the notice. Compared to conventional survey platforms, it just requires one click from the respondent to submit the response, increasing the likelihood of a greater conversion. Based on their responses, you may recommend optimum solutions to your customers, simplifying the purchase decision-making process.

  • An Opt-In Form With No Personal Information

The ease of the subscription procedure is the most significant benefit of push notifications over other mediums. A single click is all it takes to become a subscriber. This enables the website to send you alerts. Furthermore, the user is not required to provide any sensitive data. All of this results in an average registration rate.

Try to encourage customers to sign up the easiest way possible by demonstrating the benefits of a notification subscription. If someone does not sign up the first time, you may choose a time when the form will reappear.

It’s easy to go overboard with communication frequency during sales lead generation, so don’t spam your website visitors with pop-ups or alerts. On the other side, don’t make yourself forgettable. Strike a balance!


So there you have it: the top 5 techniques to generate leads using WordPress push notifications. We hope that this post will assist you in connecting with more and more audiences, and as a consequence, your company will expand smoothly and swiftly. However, if you want the best push notification provider that is both affordable and easy to use, then choose Wonderpush.

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