Top Adventure Activities in UAE and How to Get There

UAE is the land of diversity and luxury. No matter where you go, you’ll find a unique experience waiting to happen. From an underwater trek in Atlantis Dubai to exhilarating Skydiving, there is such a wide range of things to do that you will certainly be spoilt for choice

If you’re someone who likes novelty and adventure, there is a whole world of memorable activities you could try. So get your explorer boots on and choose from a long list of water sports, desert safaris, and sky-diving escapades that guarantee fun with safety. To help you make the most out of your UAE vacation, we have listed out the 5 best adventurous activities that you must not miss.

  1. Go on a Desert Safari

Desert safaris are a key element of Emirati adventure and thrill. If you opt for this activity, you will be going on a journey to explore massive stretches of golden sand dunes and desert ridges. With packaged day tours, you can get an opportunity to participate in desert sports such as sandboarding, dune bashing, and camel rides. 

In the evening, you can treat yourself to a barbeque dinner along with Arabian dance performances and music. The perfect mix of adventure and luxury is waiting for you in the deserts of Dubai. 

  1. Ride the world’s longest Zipline

Jais Flight is the longest zipline adventure in the world. Located on the Jebel Jais peak in Ras Al Khaimah, this ride takes you across rugged mountain terrains at the speed of 140-160 kmph. An exciting landscape made up of ravines, canyons, and jagged peaks makes this an adrenaline-inducing trip that you would never forget. So if you are a thrill seeker who wants to experience flying at incredibly high speeds, this zipline ride is highly recommended for you.

Fly through Jais Flight, the world’s longest zipline

  1. Take a Kayak through the Mangroves

Get a closer look at UAE’s striking natural beauty and wildlife on a kayak through the mangrove waters. Abu Dhabi’s mangrove forests are a hit among photographers and bird watchers who come to catch a glimpse of its exotic vegetation and fauna. If you like tranquil kayak rides across free-flowing waters, this could be an ideal spot for you. For adrenaline seekers, there are also adventure kayaks that go through high-speed waves under the supervision of trained professionals.

  1. Try Indoor Skydiving at iFly Dubai

Enjoy the thrill of a real skydive with the help of virtual reality and powerful jet streams of air. You can experience flying as high as 4 meters in the air in a controlled environment with trained instructors. What makes it special is just how much of an adventure it can be even though you are technically in a closed cabin. This activity is especially in demand for people who are afraid to take on a real-world skydive or even beginners who wish to experience this sport in a safer zone.

  1. Visit Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi

If you like speedy adventure rides and rollercoasters, then the Ferrari world is just the place for you. With over 40 record-breaking rides and racing-themed attractions, this adventure park gives you an experience you cannot have elsewhere. If you are traveling with family, there are special rides for family and children that you can enjoy. One of the main attractions here is the Formula Rossa- the world’s fastest roller coaster- which will take you to heart-racing heights at an incredibly high speed. Exciting, right?

Best Way to Reach Adventure Destinations in UAE

Reaching your desired spots on time is important if you want to have a fun and stress-free vacation. To avoid hasty decisions and confusion while traveling, it’s better to have a pre-planned course of action for navigating a new country. 

While it’s common to use public transport networks, this method is not entirely hassle-free. From restricted schedules, long waitings, and uncertain pick-ups to expensive last-minute bookings, public transport is sure to tire you out in a short while. There has to be a better way to commute- something that is cheaper and more hassle-free. You’d think a private vehicle could do the job, but there is a heavy money and maintenance investment in this option. This is where Carsharing comes to the rescue! ekar is the answer to all your navigation problems. 

A simple app on your phone can give you a range of pricing options, and vehicles you can book or cancel according to your needs. On top of this, there is 24*7 customer service, complete coverage of maintenance, and the convenience of driving a car throughout the duration of your stay. Whether you’re planning to stay for a few days or weeks, you’ll always have your selected car at your disposal. Download the ekar app now and kickstart your journey as you zoom through the UAE! 

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